Fall '17 Week 5 Highlights, Vancouver Metro Basketball League

Clint Lomax
Fall 2017
November 7, 2017

Sonic Boom 79  - Two Fifty Crew 86

Sonic Boom - Elliot Mason 29, Gibron Sewan 16, Steffen #10 14

TFC - Luca Bonamici 21, Luka Petkovic 20, Zach Usherwood 10


Age vs Youth was the name of this game.  Would the cagy long time veteran Sonic Boom upend the upstart young Two Fifty Crew squad?  In the beginning it was definitely a veteran pace for the Sonic Boom group.  Elliot “ I Shoot Threes as Layups” Mason burned up the nets methodically, while still distributing the ball to his SB teammates.  That combination of long range shooting and ball movement, contributed to keeping TFC off balanced enough to take a 3 point lead into halftime!

The 2nd half would belong to Zach and the “Two Luca/Lukas”!  TFC would unleash a 3 headed attack at Sonic Boom that turn the tides and kept SB off balanced for most of the 2nd half.  Big threes by Luca/Luka gave momentum to TFC, and forced pressure on SB who missed a number of shots they had made in the first half.  Those mid range open shots that were missed would mean the demise of SB in this game!

On a lighter note, we almost had a another sighting of SB 1st round draft pick “Young Schmidt” but time ran out before the sub could be made.


Sofa King Good 69 - Agaveros 63

SKG - Alex Koong 25, Will Chaing 16, Devin Cuitanouizh 15

Agaveros - Oscar Salvador 15


Sofa King Good evolution from the beginning to today is like the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly….after an all night drinking binge...eating HGH injected McDonalds Big Macs!  The smaller team that used speed and the world famous “Palmer Zone”, has morphed into a more traditional looking powerhouse of a Men’s League team.  With a number of bigs they never had before, they mix in the veterans like Alex, Will Chaing, and “Mad Man” Eddie Fan!  Agaveros as always, came into this matchup undeterred by the multi time champs, and came out slugging like they always do.

The name of the first half of this game was called “Battle of the Zone Defenses”!  Palmer Zone vs the International “Flavored Zone”!  The Flavored zone worked like a charm for Agaveros in the first half has they would grind their way to a 2 point halftime advantage!

The 2nd half was more of the same, as each team picked and probed the zone defenses.  SKG would grab a slight advantage with run out layups by Alex, Will, and the “Mad Man” Eddie Fan.  Oscar, Abe, and Pepe did their best to keep the game within reach.  Yet in the end, SKGs bigs made crucial plays down the stretch including a big dunk that resulted in a late Agaveros timeout.  SKG would win a game they needed to win to stay near the top of the league standings.



Shockwave 110 - Academy 127

Academy - Jonas Serrano 43, Jacob Mand 41, Kobe McKnight 25

Shockwave - Enzo Vanderliuden 49, Rayyaan Mohammed 37, Mo #4 18


In the “Track Meet of the Night”, these two teams combined to set a few “tentative” records!  Most combined points in a game, 40 points scored by 2 players each, and a “tentative” most assist in a game by one player and a team!  Josh Kagande set out to break the assist record for Vancouver Metro somewhere at the end of the first half or beginning of the 2nd half.  Once this game became the “Pan Am Relays”, the assist record was in danger.  It helps when you have long range bombers on your team like Tyrone, Jonas Serrano and Jacob Mand.  Shockwave kept up with their end of the bargain with 4 players hitting 2 three pointers or more.  In the end, Academy would take the win and Josh would end the game with 21 assists.  Is it a record???  The diligent staff at Vancouver Metro is combing over the record books to confirm it.  Stay Tuned!!!



Duncan Donuts 78 - Walk Ons 97

Walk Ons - Shayne #0 35, Demitri Harris 23, Max Neuman 16

Duncan Donuts - Weilun Huang 23, Brad Mavis 21, Ryan Szeto 14


Duncan Donuts has had a few good outings inside of their losses.  Key players are slowly working themselves back into shape, and forming a good rhythm on the court.  The Walk Ons would do what they do, and….”Walk On” to the court looking to put points up in a frenzied pace.  

Even though both teams had short benches, the size difference was evident.  Walk Ons not only matched DDs athleticism, but they also had the height and “Vertical Leap” advantage!  Demi Harris looked a little off in this game as there seemed to be a little extra “nip” in the area.  That extra nip decreased his vertical leap somewhat as he would miss on a few alley oop attempts, and later in the game have a full on “Hang” on a dunk attempt from the left side of the hoop.  The passes thrown by Max Neuman didn’t help alot either!  Max and Demi were able to connect on a nice “Wade to Lebron” type pass in the 2nd half.

DD fought the entire game matching runs by W.O. with mini runs of their own.  However, “Camo” Shayne would start his own dunk fest in the 2nd half!  Taking one of his opponents with him to rim on one of his dunks, he came down with 2 more rim rattlers that no one wanted a part of.  Including a reverse dunk that shook the foundation of the hoop, shaking the shot clock “senseless”!  Walk Ons would win by nearly 20 in the end, and looked good in doing it even with a late game injury to one of their star players in Gerald.



Stallions 114 - Swat 105

Stallions - Matty Madewan 36, Brody Greig 34

Swat - Brian Wallack 24, Jomari Reyes 18


The Stallions came into this game reeling from the shocking late game loss last week.  Determined to leave no doubt, they came in laser focused after their win streak was stopped at 17!  Swat came in loose and with nothing to lose, and it showed in the first half!  The Stallions were missing a few of their core players, but usually have enough to dispatch most teams with relative precision.  This would be different!  Swat, with only 5 players, took it to the Stallions from the jump ball!  So much so, they would run out to nearly a double digit lead early in the 2nd half!

The Stallions would make their patented runs in the 2nd half, but it would be matched by the young Swat team that only had 5 players!  It would get down to the 2:00 mark before the Stallions made a crucial mini run to push the lead out to 6 after a missed free throw by Swat.  The “Great Escape” was complete, and “Whodini” would be proud!


Fire Squad 60 - Ball So Hard 82

BSH - Cole Faminoff 27, Brandon Hoyem 22, Devan Carney 14

Fire Squad - Gene Wolff 16

The night would bring a number of “track meets” to the court, but this game had the potential to be a chess match!  While Ball So Hard has proved that they can win playing any style of ball, Fire Squad is just the team that may be able to control the pace.  

The game started out just as I suspected it might.  The first few minutes of the game were intriguing to say the least.  BSH would start the game with a wild alley oop attempt to Brandon, who happened to catch it and lay it in.  BSH would get another quick lay in before Gene Wolff would make his presence known, with two quick three pointers to keep BSH from running away with the game early.  

Even with the methodical pace Fire Squad tried to dictate, the front line of Alan Hogan, Brandan, and Cole began to gradually enforce their will on Fire Squad possession by possession.  BSH would take a 19 point lead into halftime, and looked to get stronger in the 2nd half.would open up for both teams, as they would both score over 30 points each.  Devin Carney would continue his solid play this season, with timely defense and solid offensive play.  He has recently earned the nickname “Steady Eddie”!  Eddie may not be his name, but his game is steady and reliable like “Old Faithful” at Yosemite National Park!  BSH has a solid two way safety blanket with Devin, and he would help thwart any signs of a Fire Squad comeback.


If you are a regular at Metro, you know Brody. Last seasons MVP, and although his been relatively quiet this far in the fight for fall. Don’t count this man out. “Just because I don’t, doesn’t mean I can’t” Perhaps a reminder to the rest of the league that although the Stallions have picked up a loss early in the season, they are still here and more relevant than ever. This week was another edition of “Brody being Brody” this man picks up triple doubles like Russel Westbrook. Watch out for him in playoffs in Fall 2017.

Clint Lomax

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