Spring ‘18 Week 4 Highlights, Vancouver Metro Basketball League

Chrissy Benz
Spring 2018
May 1, 2018

Week Four is officially in the books - meaning we are more than halfway done the regular season. Now things will get interesting...

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The Stallions vs Blouses was a back and forth game that stayed close for the majority of the game. Led by #20 who knocked down six “3’s” the Stallions would ride their hot shooting to victory. They scored one more three point field goal at eleven than they did from two.

Stallions Top Performers:

Prince Carino - 26 Points | 1 Steal

Roger Sheung- 19 Points | 1 Steal

Blouses Top Performers:

Cory Pidhaichuk - 13 Points | 6 Rebounds

Ibrahim Warsame - 12 Points | 2 Rebounds

Fresh off of two record setting performances, Outworkcrew would look to continue their roll against the Agaveros. The first half stayed close the entire time as no team could make any ground on the other resulting in a narrow 38-37 lead for the Agaveros.

In the second, their size would pay dividends as Outworkcrew would out rebound the Agaveros allowing for multiple second opportunities. The Agaveros would show a number of flashy passes resulting for easy buckets, but they ultimately fell 76-66 in the end.

Outworkcrew Top Performers:

Pat Simon - 17 Points| 7 Rebounds | 3 Steals

Blake Poritz - 14 Points | 4 Rebounds | 2 Assists

Deng Awak - 13 Points | 2 Rebounds | 1 Assist

Agaveros Top Performers:

Jose Camargo- 20 Points | 4 Rebounds | 1 Assist

Oscar Salvador - 14 Points | 2 Rebounds

Pep - 11 Points | 3 Rebounds | 2 Steals

In the first game of the night, rocking their new jerseys, Bench Mob would jump out to an early 10-0 lead behind some hot shooting. Sofa King Good would come right back behind some hot shooting and a number of 3’s over the Bench Mob zone defence. Outside shots continued to rain down from both sides as Sofa King Good would knock down 12 triples on the night and Bench Mob not far behind with nine. Despite being a three point game at half, midway through the second Sofa King Good had opened up a double digit lead.  A late surge by the Bench Mob led by David Ta and Davidson St. Paul would close the gap to single digits, but Sofa King would close the game out 78-72.

Sofa King Good Top Performers:

Alex Koong- 20 Points | 1 Steal

Kevin Rasmussen- 15 Points | 5 Rebounds | 2 Assists | 1 Steal

Edward Fan- 13 Points | 6 Rebounds | 3 Assists | 1 Steal

Bench Mob Top Performers:

David Ta - 36 Points | 2 Rebounds | 2 Steals | 1 Assist

Davidson St. Paul - 12 Points | 9 Rebounds | 2 Steals

Rayyaan Mohammad - 11 Points | 1 Rebound

TTP would outlast Metro 1 in a physical and competitive game. The young Metro 1 team would not back down from the challenge that TTP would present. TTP would again rely on their hot shooting and chemistry, having played together for a number of seasons. In the end, TTP would use their experience to  take a 74-63 victory.

The top two teams in Div II faced off and require overtime to settle their bout. In a very heated, and rightfully so, game, both teams would exchange baskets for the entire game with neither team gaining an advantage. The teams would end regulation in a 76-76 deadlock requiring an extra three minutes to decide a winner. The Party would be the only ones to score in the extra period and taking the 82-76 decision preserving their undefeated record.

The matchup between Academy and Skyscrapers was a battle from start to finish. Cushman would exploit their size, led by David Mackay and Kyle Grundy who combined for 41 points. Academy would use a balanced attack which resulted in them securing a 62-54 victory.

Academy Top Performers:

Jonas Serrano - 17 Points | 3 Rebounds | 1 Steal

Fardaws - 12 Points | 6 Rebounds | 3 Steals

Cushman Skyscrapers:

David Mackay - 29 Points | 11 Rebounds | 1 Assist | 1 Steal

Kyle Grundy - 12 Points | 7 Rebounds | 1 assist | 1 Steal

A battle between Humble Beast and Goon Squad would tip in favour of the Goon Squad who seemed to outlast the short bench of Humble Beast. Propelled by their hot shooting, the Goon Squad led by #31 and #21 would grow their lead late in the game to take a 80-63 victory.

Goon Squad Top Performers:

Harry Liu- 23 Points | 8 Rebounds | 3 Assists

Taros Johal - 15 Points | 6 Rebounds | 2 Assists

Jacky Chan - 14 Points | 4 Rebounds | 1 Assist

Humble Beast Top Performers:

#23 - 26 Points | 6 Rebounds | 4 Assists

#5 - 12 Points | 4 Rebounds | 1 Assist

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