2016-2017 Vancouver Metro Fall/Winter Playoff Preview and Predictions

Clint Lomax
Fall 2016
January 14, 2017

Fall season ends on January 30 and registration is now open for Spring 2017.  Early bird pricing and Nike gear for the captains who register prior to January 20, so get your squad locked up!

As always, the fall season has been a “Mosh Pit” of activity and excitement! The teams you thought would run away with the season have been met with unexpected, and with intense competition. The league in itself, from the naked eye, looked to be lopsided in the team roster scheme of things. However, most of the games have been epic battles of “Who Wants It More”! There have been big time upsets, and last second game winners. There has also been a number of “Shaqin a Fool” moments….a whole lot of them!

With that said, lets jump into the matchups coming up on the 16th!

#5 Sonic Boom - #4 Haides

During the regular season, Sonic Boom is like David Banner. A mild mannered team with determination. When the playoffs come around, they turn into the Incredible Hulk! Big, strong, and Blue (their main jersey colors)! This is rarely a problem for Haides, who was a Goat’s Hair away from being the #1 or #2 seed. Their intensity on defense is what fuels their offense. Haides has no problem with banging their opponents around, but in this matchup that may be a bad idea. Sonic Boom holds the height and weight advantage over Haides overall.

I think Haides will need to use their versatility to change the pace of the game, to compensate for their disadvantages. Sonic Boom has been in and out of sync the entire season. We don’t know which team will show up. If the “A” team for Sonic shows up, Haides will be in trouble.

Key players to watch for: Haides Manny “Jump Hook” Deo, Clancy #1, Gino #4. Sonic Boom – Stu Wallenstein, Derrick Mooney, Connor Rockandel, Shamir Naik

Prediction – Sonic Boom 77 – Haides 71

#3 Agaveros vs #6 Flight

The meeting earlier this season was not pretty for Flight. Even with a strong start Agaveros used their fastbreak, ball movement offense to pick Flight apart in almost a surgical fashion! Flight is nothing else if not resilient! The playoffs mark a new season for them, and they will compete to win this game like they did when they reached the Finals 2 seasons ago!

I think Agaveros is playing at a high level and they should win this game comfortably.

Key Players to Watch for: Flight RJ Base, Trey #2, Jermaine #11. Agaveros Abraham C.H., Oscar, Charlie Hayes

Prediction - Agaveros 76 – Flight 54

#2 Sofa King Good vs #7 Van Rain

Van Rain is notorious for having enough players on their bench to field two teams. This would usually help to wear down the other team, with a flood of new fresh players into the game. Unfortunately for them, Van Rain is top heavy, and rely on a few players to push them over the top. Sofa King Good has a lot of accolades and a few Vancouver Metro titles under their name. Since their entry in to the league several seasons ago, they have been at or near the top every single season. Their personnel looks to be undersized, but they are skilled in their attack vs their opponents. The Richmond Oval famous “Palmer Zone” is the equivalent to the UNLV and Syracuse “Ameba” zones, as it is a matchup zone that literally “Lives and Breathes” with the movement of each pass with in it. Their fast break off of turnovers out of that zone is what kills their opponent like a Python slowly squeezing the life out of its prey!

This game may get ugly quick, so make sure you bring a book or a fully charged cell phone to cruise the internet.

Key Players to watch for: Van City Matt “On Juice Watch” Anza, Rich Alejandro, Jeff Chan. SKG Kevin Rasmussen, Will Chaing, Alex #11, Eddie “Mad Man” Fan

Prediction – SKG 84 – Van Rain 53

#1 Ball So Hard vs #8 SWAT

On paper, this looks like the biggest mismatch of them all. Ball So Hard has dominated the entire league, with only one blemish on their record. While SWAT has toiled at the bottom of the standings for the entire year. Ball So Hard has the near complete package on offense and defense. Their offense acts more like their defense in some games, as they will pressure their opponents with 2 and even 1 man fast break opportunities. With that said, they were beaten once this season.

In comes SWAT. Recovering from constant injuries this season, they have looked to become a spoiler in the first round vs the #1 seed. Their mix of toughness and big game experience has them looking like they can make some noise in the playoffs, including upsetting the #1 seed! In the end, SWAT may have to tall of a hill to climb against the versatile BSH squad!

Key Players to Watch for: Ball So Hard Adi BayBay, Alan Hogan, Brandon Hoyem. SWAT Gene and Richie Wolff, Chris Peerless, Neil Oykoya

Prediction – BSH 68 – SWAT 63

Clint Lomax

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