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Clint Lomax
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June 27, 2016

Sofa King Good vs Western Union

The final game of the Division 2 spring edition had a familiar face and a red flaming red hot veteran team, that had never been to the final game before! Sofa King Good was going for their 3rd Metro League Championship in 4 seasons, and looked to become the next dynasty in Metro league history! Western Union has been streaking through the last part of the season like a comet, and their attack has been coming from all directions! The key to success for both teams have come in different forms. While both teams like the up and down tempo, Western Union prefers the inside attack with multiple players. SKG has always been balanced but attacks from beyond the arch with the best teams in the league!

SKG has been known as a "loaded" team from their first season in the league. This year would be no different with the addition of Antonio "The Poor Man’s Stephen Curry" of Division 2! The injury list was familiar, but almost critical for SKG. All Time Leading Scorer for SKG Armitpal Bath has been on the Injured reserve for the ladder part of the season, but Kevin Rasmussen’s mysterious injury looked to play a big part in this game! Western Union has played with bumps and bruises throughout the season, but looked to be energized to start the game!

The defense of Western Union was suffocating to say the very least! For 23 minutes, Western Union rushed the defending champions like "Warriors at the Gate"! When SKG did find space it was few and far between. WU was aggressive in attacking the world famous "Palmer Zone". The attack to the middle of the zone by passes and quick dribble drives kept SKG on their heels for most of the first half! Karmal, and EJ kept the perimeter pressure up, but it could not completely stop SKG! The Splash Brothers of Division 2 in Antonio and Gurjeet, would show flashes on why they were the top three point shooting duo this season! Western Union’s consistency throughout the half gave them a small, but strong 7-8 point lead down the stretch of the first half. The SKG "rush" would help them get the game back to one possession to end the half.

The second half would be more of the same, but both teams took turns attacking and counter attacking on offense! Western Union would continue to carve up SKG’s zone with middle penetration, and paint points with Clancy and Manny Deo! SKG would get more of the same from Antonio in the 2nd half, as he scored from just about everywhere. Yet, the glue to the whole squad would be Ranjot! After hitting a rare 3 pointer in the first half, he would dominate the rebound category and played ridiculous defense on all layup attempts! SKG’s grip on the game became tighter headed towards the end of the game, and it looked like they were closing in on their 3rd title. WU’s Pat had a solid game in the scoresheet, but Clancy would hit on a few crucial layup and foul plays! With their hands figuratively wrapped around the trophy, WU would miss on a number of free throws that would cast this game into overtime!

The overtime would go by in a flash, packed full of action on both ends of the floor. SKG was able to get the upper hand on WU, and ended up with free throws for Ranjeet to take a two point lead with 5.5 seconds left on the clock! Ranjeet would make the first and miss the 2nd free throw that would fall into Chad’s hands for WU. Chad would immediately turn and streak down the right side of the court! With 2 SKG defenders riding his hip the whole way, Chad put on the "Emergency Brake" 12 feet from the hoop. Both defenders tumbled into the backstop, and Chad was wide open for the championship winning jump shot! The ball floated in the air for which seemed like an eternity! With the trophy on the line and an upset in the making, the ball would hit the back rim and fall off!

SKG escaped Western Union’s upset bid to win their 3rd title in 4 years I this overtime thriller! Congratulations SKG!

Sofa King Good 83 – Western Union 82 OT

SKG – Antonio #37 34, Ranjot #28 15

WU – Pat #5 22, Clancy #1 13

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