The Semi Finals: Men's Division 2

Doug Plumb
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June 15, 2016

Sofa King Good 78 – B.O.B. 72

SKG – Antonio: 24 pts, Gurjit: 23 pts
B.O.B. – Paulius: 15 pts, John Leong and Andrew Morris: 14 pts each

Sofa King Good came in loose and ready to go. Even without their former leading scorer Amritpal Bath, SKG has reloaded and looked even better than years before. B.O.B. is one of those teams that are always short handed, but they have great talent and solid chemistry when they hit the court.

SKG came out swinging early and often! With their version of Division 2’s “Splash Brothers”, Antonio and Gurjit went to work on the B.O.B defenders. B.O.B.’s leading scorer Martin Bogajev started slow in the first half, but was picked up by Paulius M’s 8 first half points. JJ Bath was instant offense for SKG in the span of about 2 minutes, but his defense stood out with hands in the passing lanes and winning a lot of 50/50 balls!

After a lower than average halftime score, both teams came out burning up the net. SKG looked like they were going to run away with the game early in the 2nd half getting up to a 16 point lead. However, in nearly a blink of an eye, B.O.B. had fought their way back into the game with pure hardwork and force! In the end, it would be the SKG's Splash Bros that would close this game out. 

I think if the game had gone another 3 minutes of stop time, it could have been anyone’s game!


Western Union 69 – B2B 55

Western Union – Al & Mannie Deo: 17 pts each
B2B – Will Chiang: 25 pts, Joeman, Joeco, and Frank: 8 pts each

Styles make fights, is the old saying that rings true for every competition that I can think of. Western Union has been humming like a fine tuned engine since the middle of the season, while B2B has started to round into form coming into this matchup!

Western Union came out “Amped”! They beat B2B to the punch on a number of plays, but B2B’s height helped keep them in the game. Western went on a few short runs that would cause B2B to call a quick time out, but Western would have a decent lead at halftime.

The late arrival of B2B’s coach (and one of the favorite personalities in the league) helped spark B2B a little, and broke out the rare 1-3-1 zone. The zone slowed down the pace for a bit, but Western’s quick passing started to dissect the zone for easy opportunities. B2B just didn’t have enough firepower to slow down the motor of Western Union, and fell to their opponents by double digits.

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