2016 Spring Chase To The Championship: Week 10

Clint Lomax
Spring 2016
May 31, 2016

Men's Division 2


Sofa King Good 68 – Soul Good 67

SKG – Antonio: 24 pts, Brandon: 15 pts

Soul Good – Dejan Stanic: 20 pts, Alan Hogan: 14 pts

In the double header matchup after Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals, Sofa King Good and Soul Good matched up with playoff implications in the balance! SKG were missing a few key people for this matchup, but are in no way in need of a win. Soulgood looks to be on the playoff fringe, and needed every win going forward.

The game started out as the Alan “Spidey” Hogan show! Alan scored 14 first half points, in a one man web slinger extravaganza! SKG had their own version of “The Splash Brothers” in Antonio and Gurjit! They combined for 26 of SKG’s 32 first half points! SoulGood took a 2 point lead into halftime, and looked to have some good momentum.

The 2nd half would be a high octane street race! Each team turned the offensive output up, and fought all the way to the end. With less than 10 seconds left in the game, “Mad Man” Eddie Fan put his head down looking to score an easy bucket before the buzzer sounded for SKG. Dejan Stanic, in an effort to make Eddie’s drive difficult, inadvertently fouled Eddie with 2 seconds left on the clock with SKG in the bonus! Eddie would make one and miss the other to end the game.


Emperors 56 – B2B 44

Emperors – Kao: 15 pts, Kevin: 13 pts

B2B - Joeco: 13 pts, Houston: 8 pts

The Emperors have been embroiled in a handful of “testy” confrontations in the name of competition, yet still find time to come out and play their “guts” out in every game. They would face off vs a B2B team that is playoff bound, but missing players.

The Emperors would jump out to a good lead to start the game on the back of Kao. His 13 first half points would help the Emperors run out to a 9 point halftime lead. In the 2nd half, the Emperors would pour it on B2B, but a ray of hope walked through the door in their Coach! A fan favorite for his “Bobby Knight” style of coaching, even he couldn’t help bring B2B back in this game. B2B looks to be in good shape for the playoffs, but the Emperors may have to sweat it out.


Flight 60 – Cloverdale Brodies 49

Flight – Ali: 21 pts, Matt: 18 pts

Cloverdale Brodies – Paarus: 22 pts, Shea Virani: 7 pts

I’m not afraid to say that the Cloverdale Brodies are one of my favorite teams in the league! They give max effort and they can stroke the three! The main issues with them is height, and conditioning. The Brodies are usually good for a strong 25 minute start to a game, and usually fall off of a cliff shortly there after. Flight was looking to finish the season off with a bang, after a long frustrating string of losses.

Flight opened up with a flurry that the Brodies were not ready for. To make things worse, their three point attempts were not falling. If that is the case, that usually means disaster for them. One unnamed player started the game 0-6 from beyond the arc! Needless to say, Flight held a 15 point lead that would hold up in the end. Two teams that will look to stock up on height and talent in the new season to come for sure.


B.O.B. 85 – The Party 77

B.O.B. – Martin: 19 pts, Andrew and Reese Morris: 18 pts each

The Party – Chris Loreth: 34 pts, Chris: 19 pts

The Party was in need of a victory to keep their slim playoff hopes alive! They would go up against one of the best teams in Div 2 at the wrong time! B.O.B. seemed to cruise through the game with a confidence that was undeniable. Regardless of the bad turnovers and plays, B.O.B. continued to work over the Party squad. 

The bright spot for The Party was Chris Loreth! Chris would run off to score a league high 34 points, in almost the same dominance from half to half. B.O.B. would half all 5 players’ score in double figures as they won by almost double digits. It looks to be nail biting time for The Party!


Western Union 49 – Ball So Hard 43

Western Union – Mannie Deo: 12 pts, Pat: 11 pts

Ball So Hard – Gibran: 8 pts , Brandon: 6 pts

With the playoffs looming, Ball So Hard has turned up their inner “killer instinct”! Unfortunatey, it is spilling over in the aggression dept. BSH has been in a few heated scuffles the last few weeks, but they have continued to play productively in keeping up with the top teams in Div 2. Western Union has had few setbacks this season, and look to hit the playoffs hot!

Three technical fouls and a flagrant foul later, we would have a low scoring “Donnie Brook”. The grind it out game favored Western Union, with their consistent inside play that would break BSH down late in the game. A moderate amount of free throws didn’t taint this competition, but BSH would lose out in the end.


StepBrothers 33 – YMCMB 49

YMCMB – Paul: 20 pts, Corey: 11 pts

Stepbrothers – Alvin: 11 pts, Jorge: 9 pts

The Stepbrothers may be at the bottom of the Division 1 standings, but they are near the top in fan support! So much so, one of their “Camera Ladies” sported a Vancouver Metro Jersey to the game while she captured the footage! YMCMB came in looking for a win to salvage a disappointing season.

The Stepbrothers had other things in mind as they battled YMCMB from start to finish. YMCMB would turn on the after burners in the 2nd half pulling away and winning by 16 points. 

With the playoffs on the horizon, it will be interesting how the seeding will shape up!

Clint Lomax

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