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Mario Soriano
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June 5, 2016

Metro League Division 2 Playoff Predictions - Why Each Team Can Win It All

Sofa King Good - Starting with the league champions, Sofa King Good boasts a plethora of shooters and then sits back into their patented “Palmer Zone”. They are always ready to compete night in and night out, and with their lights out shooters, and pack it in style zone defense, Sofa King Good can beat anyone and everyone on any given night.

Western Union - Western Union is a scrappy, gritty team who shows up every night and competes harder than any group. They have been playing together for a while, and it certainly shows on the court. Their mixture of muck it up down low combined with fast and swift guard play, causes most teams problems in trying to figure out how to guard them.

B2B - B2B comes ready to play every single night. They aren’t the biggest or quickest team by any means, but they hit their open shots, play good & hard defense, and are wiling to do everything it takes to win. Their team chemistry is second to none, and it is evident by their cohesiveness on the court in each game.

B.O.B. - B.O.B. has the most talent from top to bottom with current and former Capilano players suiting up for the squad. They have guys who can shoot, play inside, and play defense. Realistically, they have it all. The only knock on them would be their consistent intensity game in and game out. If they can play as hard as they can every game, B.O.B. may find themselves with the crown!

YMCMB - YMCMB went on a tear to end the season. At one point they were 1-4 and they finished winning their last five games in a row to finish 6-4 and 5th overall in Division 2! YMCMB comes ready to work every single game, and teams know that they are in a dog fight against them as soon as the ball is thrown up. Nothing scarier than having to play a team with lots of momentum heading into the post season, and YMCMB has confidence like no other. Watch out!

WH - WH started off the season 5-0 and looking to be a sure lock in for the playoffs and a 1st or 2nd place finish in regular season play. Nothing is ever certain, and they went 1-4 in their last 5 games to finish 6th overall in the league. That being said, WH knows what it takes to win as shown in their 5-0 start, but they also can be knocked off at anytime. They are a scary team to play, and you never know what they will bring to the table. WH can beat anyone on any given day, but also be upset by anyone on any given day. Stay tuned!

The Party - The Party are the nicest bunch of guys in the league, but don’t let that fool you. The Party is now locked and loaded and have their full lineup ready to rock and roll. Combined with size, heart, and confidence, The Party is ready to go and takes the roll of the “underdog” as a challenge. Look out!

Ball So Hard - Ball So Hard has been flirting with the 8th and final playoff spot all year long. Never fully being able to get ahead and solidify their playoff spot, they battled in each and every single game en route to finding themselves battling for the last playoff spot with The Emperors. In a huge head to head game in week 9, Ball So Hard beat The Emperors by 8, which proved to be crucial as both teams tied for the same record, but head to head enabled Ball So Hard to pull through into the playoffs. Look for them to ‘ball so hard’ in the playoffs!

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