Spring 2016: Week 11

Bret Macdonald
Spring 2016
June 7, 2016

Underwater Squad 106 – Toonsquad 90

Underwater Squad - Will Ondrik: 36 pts, Warren Liang: 34 pts
Toonsquad – Vartan: 23 pts, Jadon Cohee: 17 pts

The Toonsquad were looking to close the season finale with a quality win that would no doubt help their seeding in the playoffs. Underwater Squad had their eyes on this win too, and they came out determined to get it!

This game was a track meet in its purest form! Up and down, back and forth, the action went with no clear cut frontrunner to break away from the other. A lot of open threes led this game to be the “No Defense” game of the day! Even with a few blocked shots, this game was like a Mike D’Antoni coached game! “Shoot the ball in less than 8 seconds” was the moniker of the former Phoenix Sun/Los Angeles Lakers coach. 

Somewhere in the 2nd half, the Tommy Nixon-less Underwater Squad took control of the game. Going on a 13-4 run, Underwater pulled away from the game to secure the victory in the end. It was a good victory for the squad without their leading scorer.


Stallions 100 – Coquitlam Boys 0

SB Battle 89 – All Native 62

SB Battle – Joey Haywood 21, Igor Dutina and Demitri Harris: 20 pts each
All Native – Al M and Al Macintosh: 17 pts each

This was a do or die game for Gene Wolff and his Men's All Native squad. Win, and it is up to the commissioner's rules, lose, and you go home to watch the NBA finals. SB Battle as we know, is loaded from top to bottom, and they were ready to go from the get go. All Native looked as if they didn't know it was an elimination game, and before you knew it, they were running away with the lead. Hats off to All Native for battling all the way to the end, and in every single game for that matter, but it wasn't enough as they are now eliminated from playoff contention.

Look for All Native to be back next season and ready to rock!

UBC 84 – Sonic Boom 62

UBC – Conor Morgan: 19 pts, Pat Simon: 17 pts
Sonic Boom – Derreck Mooney: 19 pts, Nenad Lojpue: 11 pts

On the eve of the Division 1 playoffs, Sonic Boom would draw a giant sized matchup in the top ranked UBC Thunderbird team. Sonic Boom has enjoyed having Big Stu Wallenstein back in the lineup to go with Emerson Murray’s live and active young legs! They were missing two of their important parts to their front line in Ian Pierre and Gabe “G2” Gibbs! UBC would jump all over them in segments. Even with UBC’s bigger front line, their guard play was exceptional and very effective.

Even with Derrick Mooney leading Sonic Boom in scoring, he was a little off on his scoring in this game. With Emerson Murray going out with a hamstring injury, UBC took advantage of the open space on the fastbreak! 

UBC took a manageable lead into half time, only to break it open in the 2nd half. Systematic inside play, drives and kicks, and paint points helped get UBC the late season victory.

Bret Macdonald
A combination of writers from the Vancouver Metro League staff team.

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