2016 Vancouver Metro Fall Season Week 4

Clint Lomax
Fall 2016
January 1, 2016

On this Halloween, there was a small slate of games. A lot of dad’s being good parents and taking their kids Trick or Treating. For the rest of us, we were able to witness some fast action basketball!

Van Rain 56 – Sonic Boom 91

Sonic – Stuart Wallensteen 32, Derrek Mooney 28, Nate Lawrence 23

Van Rain – Ali Jamal 16, Matthew Anza 13, Jeff Chan 8

Van Rain came in with full roster for this big challenge vs the legendary Metro league mainstays in Sonic Boom. As per the team’s long time makeup, they had 6 players and it looked like they would be in some trouble later on in this game.

Even with the lack of height to match Sonic Boom nearly across the board, Van Rain was able to jump out quick on Sonic with several short jumpers and a long three pointer from Ali Jamal. Sonic was stuck in a pattern with a lot of dribbling, and lack of offensive movement in the first half which led to a low scoring halftime score.

Just when this game looked to be a low scoring affair, which favored the underdog Van Rain squad. Somewhere just after the 15 minute mark of the 2nd half, the Big Three for Sonic Boom erupted! Stuart Wallensteen began to get some easy and hard earned baskets around the rim. That would be followed by a three point onslaught from Nate Lawrence! Nate would go 7 for 8 from beyond the arc, while Derrek Mooney would score from all over the floor to turn a 3-4 point lead into a 30 point lead in the end.

Sonic Boom looked to be in mid-season form in the second half, and look to carry that forward

In challenging for the best record in the league.

Ball So Hard 51 – Agaveros 47

BSH – Alan Hogan 14 & 4 blocks and Brandon Hoyem 14 each, Joe Tozzi 9

Agaveros – Jose Vega 13, Charlie Hughes and Abe Castellanos 12 each

In a big win last week, Agaveros came into this game vs one of the Title Contenders in Ball So Hard with supreme confidence. Ball So Hard has developed the reputation of never being an “easy out” on any given night in the Metro League. Matter a fact, Ball So Hard has consistently pushed every team they faced to the limit!

This game was tight throughout. Each team using their entire roster to try to gain the upper hand on every single possession. Each possession was so hard fought, that the first half scoring was barely in double digits for both teams. While Jack Ho had a hard time finding a bucket, Alan Hogan would anchor Ball So Hard’s scoring to give them a 3 point lead at halftime.

Both teams continued to scrap and fight for every possession, and leverage every mismatch and advantage they could find. BSH’s Brandon Hoyem made a few big buckets in the middle of the 2nd half to push the lead to near double digits, but was counter acted by three Agaveros 3ptrs to pull within 1 point late in the 2nd half. With both teams battling it out, Eric Kung would help BSH standout on the defensive end. Eric didn’t score in this game, but he was instrumental in disrupting the Agaveros defense the entire 2nd half. After a mad scramble, Alan Hogan was able to get a post pass on the left side of the hoop. With a drop step and quick layup, BSH would take a 3 point lead with less than 40 seconds left in the game! Agaveros would have a few chances to close the lead, but was thwarted by the stifling defense of BSH. BSH was able to clinch the game making one out of two free throws to make it a 4 point game in the end.

Great game for both teams, but better for Ball So Hard who is looking to win their first Metro League Championship!

Clint Lomax

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