2016 Week 5 Vancouver Metro Fall League Scores and Recap

Clint Lomax
Fall 2016
November 8, 2016

Van Rain 46 – Agaveros 66

Van Rain – Matthew Anza 24, Au Jamal 13

The pace of this game looked to be tentative at times, yet it felt like it could break out into a shootout! Van Rain had a few fast breaking players ready to go, but Agaveros has proven that they can play in many different ways. Even with both teams battling for each possession, it looked like a “2 on 2” game in the first half. Oscar Salvador and Andrew Peterson of Agaveros vs Matthew Anza and Au Jamal of Van Rain, took turns burning up the nets!

Agaveros came out of halftime with a small lead, but began to impose their size on Van Rain. Charlie Hughes came up with 11 big 2nd half points to help put the game away for Agaveros.

Agaveros is on a nice win streak, and look to put themselves up on the shelves with the top teams in the league.

Sofa King Good 78 – Haides 63

SKG – Alex #11 25, Kevin Rasmussen 18

Haides – Mannie Deo 24, Pat #5 11

This matchup looked to be the best of the night, with the former champs in Sofa King Good going up against the title contending Haides squad! The first half of this game was slower than expected, and also physical. So much so, a technical foul was called early in the first half on a Haides player. It continued to be a grind, but it was more of a competitive grind and not an actual “slugfest”.

This game was a battle of wills with Haides attacking every inch of the floor. Sofa King Good countered Haides with their legendary “Palmer Zone”, which stifled the Haides attack leading to break out fast break opportunities for SKG. The zone helped SKG to a single digit halftime lead, but the 2nd half would be a gradual separation of the game for SKG.

SKG’s attack slowly but surely provide some daylight from Haides, with their constant attacks to the basket. Mannie Deo did his best to keep Haides close, but SKG was too much with their aggressive play on both sides of the floor! Great game by both teams, but SKG would come away with the win.

Flight 52 – Ball So Hard 73

Flight – RJ Base 18, Chris #10 10

BSH – Brandon #16 13, Alan Hogan 12

These two teams are very familiar with each other, as they have battled each other tough for years in the Vancouver Metro league! Flight came in slightly short handed with two of their players walking from a broken down car. Ball So Hard would try to take advantage of that handicap early and often in the first half. Before Flight could get on track, Devon Carney went “Infuego” in the first half! Carney’s relentless style was on full display in this game with jumpers, and drives to the basket. Before you could look up at the scoreboard, BSH was up double digits at halftime.

RJ Base did his best to keep the game close with four 2nd half three pointers, with one drained from 30 feet out! BSH would be too much for Flight as Alan Hogan would insert himself into this game on both ends of the floor! The 20+ point victory keeps Ball So Hard’s reputation of being able to play with anyone in the league in tact!

Sonic Boom 56 – SWAT 29

Sonic Boom - David Ta 15, Connor Rockandel 12

SWAT - #10 12, Joel Kibangula 10

Both teams are a testament to what the Vancouver Metro League is all about. Both teams came short-handed, but played like it was a championship game! Sonic Boom is always ready to play with a limited amount of people, and usually play well with those numbers. SWAT came ready to play even though they were outnumbered.

Sonic Boom started slow but was able to rattle off a number of fast break points. Their overall height was a big edge for them too, even though it was a slight edge. SWATs Joel and #10 made up about 90% of their points, but it would not be enough as Sonic Boom would overwhelm Team SWAT in the end.

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