Fall '17 Week 7 Highlights, Vancouver Metro Basketball League

Chrissy Benz
Fall 2017
November 21, 2017

2017 Vancouver Metro Fall League Week 7

Agaveros 52 vs Fire Squad 27 

Agaveros - Oscar #5 17, Rccardo #10 10

 Fire Squad - Ahmed #15 9

As a team better than their record would indicate, Agaveros were desperate to put a W in the win column.  At the bottom of the barrel in the Metro League Standings, the team standing in their way of their climb was the Fire Squad.  FS had an even record and 3-3, but would be short handed on a night where Agaveros had a full team hungry for a win!

The first half was a sloppy affair, but that would play into Agaveros hands.  Well versed in fast paced and sloppy games, Agaveros would find themselves putting timely points on the board.  The defense is what kept Fire Squad on their toes, as they would only manage 13 first half points!

The second half would be all Agaveros, as they would go on another scoring blitz that would put distance between them and their counterparts.  Oscar led all scores with 17, as he was almost like a Maestro conducting a symphony that was “slightly” out of tune.  No matter.  The first W of the season looks a little better on the record..   

 TTP 75 vs Shockwave 43 

TTP - Maher #6 18, Matt Anza 13, Jeff Chan and Seamo 11 each 

Shockwave - Vanderlinden #8 21, Rayyoan M 12

TTP have had a few tough losses in this season’s Vancouver Metro league, but they were still in a good position to challenge for the top spot in Division 2.  Shockwave were still looking for their first win, but it would be tough against this offensive juggernaut they call TTP.

Just as expected, TTP jumped all over Shockwave with a 42 point blitz in the first half!  This may have been very deflating for Shockwave, since they would only be able to muster 43 points for the entire game.  TTP would double the 3 point makes of Shockwave and go on to win convincingly, keeping their chance for the top spot alive!

Two Fifty Crew 75 vs Duncan Donuts 55

TFC - Luka P 20, Zach #18 18, Luca B 16

Duncan Donuts - Noah #36 14, Brad #35 12, Ryan Szeto 10

The banter before this game was some of the funniest stuff we have heard all season!  Both teams came into this game with a good attitude, and some good choice words for their opponents.  One of the comments had to do with not “losing to a team named after a donut company”!  With that, shots were fired and the game began!

Don’t let the name fool you!  Duncan Donuts came to “ball”, and ball they did!  DD kept the talentedly young Two Fifty Crew off balanced for most of the first half, and then….it happened!  With the pace at a fevered pitch, an unnamed DD player came down and put a nice cross over on Luca B!  What happen next would be put on the “Shaqtin a Fool” reel for Vancouver Metro at the end of the season!  Luca’s feet literally came up at the same time, as he would take a Full Seat on the floor...and then his feet swung upwards like he was in a Pilates class!  This seemed to fire up TFC, and they would take a 7 point lead into halftime!

The second half would see TFC take off on DD to the tone of 40 points in the 2nd half!  Even with 4 made three pointers by Brad for BB, They couldn't overcome the blitz by TFC and would lose by 20. Game Note:  The rumors of an investigation into “point skimming” was just that…. A rumor!  The crossover that ended up with the feet up in the air, killed that rumor in its tracks!  LOL! 

G2 112 vs Academy 97 

G2 - Nathaniel #2 31, Dijon #10 30, Igor Dutina 21 

Academy - Jacob #11 33, Tyrone #00 22, Jonas Serrano 20

There are different strategies for each team in Vancouver Metro.  Believe it or not, each team has their own unique style!  Some go fast, so go slow, some grind it out, and some like a finesse approach.  The Academy is straight “Go, Go, Go”!  G2 is filled with veterans, but they have the versatility to play fast  and slow it down to fit their own pace.  This game was strictly Indy 500!

The remarkable feat in this game is that G2 has a few players that may have “artificial limbs”, but still manage to keep pace with their young counterparts!  The halftime score would give The Academy a 4 point advantage, but the 2nd half would see them slip up just enough for the veteran G2 squad to take advantage!

G2 would explode for 60 points in the 2nd half, and pull off an amazing double digit victory.  Josh would lead both teams with 13 assist, and is still awaiting the results of the assist record from the archives of Vancouver Metro league.  

Stallions 95 vs Sofa King Good 66 

Stallions - Mark Halfnights 16, Roger Sheung and Luis Ayala 14 each

SKG - Alex #25 18, Will #26 13, “Mad Man” Eddie Fan 9

BATTLE OF THE TITANS!  The #1 and #2 seeds squared off in a potentially “Epic” battle of “King of the Hill”.  Still stinging from the shocking loss a few weeks, The Stallions had steam coming out of their nostrils like the old Denver Broncos football helmets!  Sofa King Good came into the game off of a good win vs a feisty Two Fifty Crew.  Both teams flirt with the “C Note” mark nearly every game (100 points), but which would prevail in this matchup?

SKG has become a bigger team this season, than in season past, plus they were still missing one of the founding members of their team in Kevin Rasumussen.  SKG would face a blitz from The Stallions that they rarely see from anyone in any of the leagues in the lower mainland.  The Stallions are named aptedly because of their propensity to “gallop”, or in plain words RUN!  The world famous Palmer Zone was nearly nullified by the constant pressure that was put upon them possession after possession!  Inside and out, the Stallions attack was relentless, and then….it got really bad!  Strolling in as if he was a hired gun coming in to do a job and move on to the next assignment...enter Prince Carino!  Former record holder for most threes made in one half and a game, Prince wasted no time making his presence felt!  Three quick 3 pointers by Prince, would give the Stallions a quick double digit lead going into halftime.

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SKG would not relent as they would continue to probe and attack The Stallions when they could.  The stallions would put their foot on the gas again in the 2nd half, and put on one of the most dominant team performances in a half vs a top tier team the league has ever seen!  The former league and title MVP Brody Greig had a semi quiet scoring night by his standards, but he would start the track meet on every make or missed shot.  Late in the game, Brody would launch and hit on two shots from almost 30 feet out to drive a dagger into the heart of SKG! 

Walk Ons 123 vs SWAT 117 

Walk Ons - Demi Harris 35, Gerard #47 33, Max #10 20

SWAT - Wallace #38 38, Jomari Reyes 29, Serrano #5 17

This meeting was one of the more important matchups of the night, as both teams are in the middle of the pack jockeying for the late season push.  Swat had a half game lead in the standings over the Walk Ons, and what ensued was a “Race to the Finish”!

Both teams resembled a “Freeway Chase” as both teams raced up and down the court trying to outscore each other.  This tactic could be a dangerous proposition for both teams, as they were short handed.  Yet, you had a good infusion of young players on the court, that would lead to an entertaining brand of “The Last Person To Score….Wins”!

The Walk Ons would take advantage of their opponents matching their athleticism, and mixing in their experience in big games to take 17 point halftime lead!  Scoring 63 points at the half looked to spell doom for the young SWAT team, but the second half would be a scramble to the end!  As the Walk Ons looked to take there foot of the throttle, SWAT began to slowly climb their way back into the game!  I’m not sure if it was the discussion of the Walk’s Ons Max Neufeld being one of the “worse passers in all of Vancouver Metro League”, or the fact that there is a “questionable” photo of Max dunking on a player (whose name will remain nameless until further notice) last week!

Nevertheless, SWATs Wallace and Jonari went bananas in the second half to take a 3 point lead, after an intentional foul/technical call and getting the ball back.  The aforementioned Max Neufeld caught the ball a few feet off the top of the key with seconds remaining in the game.  Max seemed to be taking his sweet time making a decision to drive or shoot.  With no time to spare, Max launched his patented “rainbow” shots that almost hit the hanging lights on the roof of the building.  Only to come down and splash through the hoop for one of the most clutch moments in his life!  OVERTIME!!!! The overtime period belonged to the Walk Ons, as they would stroll to an exciting victory.  This win gives them the tiebreaker over SWAT, which could prove vital for playoff implications!

Ball So Hard 75 vs Sonic Boom 31

BSH - Tyler #9 14, Adi Baybay 13, Brandon Hoyem 12

Sonic Boom - Terrel K 14, Anthony K 11

The Champs were in the building ready to battle for another much needed victory!  Even though the Ball So Hard is in first place in the league, they are in a three way tie for first place in the league!  Currently as the 3rd seed behind Sofa King Good, this would not be a good seeding for anyone that would have to go up against the possible top seeded, multi time champ in The Stallions!

With that in mind, BSH put the defensive “clamps” down on Sonic Boom!  With their signature 5 players and no subs, SB picked a bad night to revert back to old form.  Not all was bad for SB as they would old BSH to just 29 halftime points.  The bad news is that they could only muster 17 first half points, going against that stifling BSH defense led by Alan “Spiderman” Hogan!  Brandon Hoyem would join the block party leading both teams with a total of 3.  A scary moment in the first half as the game became rough and tumble, Eric Kung would take a scary fall from about 3 feet off the ground!  It looked like a face plant, however the athletic Kung popped up like an acrobat at Cirque du Soleil!

The 2nd half would be an onslaught of scoring and even more tight defense, as BSH wore on SB like a “Fruit Punch” stain on a $50,000 Alpaca rug!  The more they tried to “rub” the stain out, the worse it became!  “You’ve got to dab that ____” (people who watched this movie know the reference!  In the end, BSH would nearly score 50 points in the 2nd half with a team effort, as no one scored over 14 points.

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