Fall Week 1 Scores And Recap

Clint Lomax
Fall 2015
September 29, 2015

Western Conference - Week 1 - September 28, 2015


Sonic Boom – Joey Haywood 34 pts, Mark Mitchell 9 pts

Livestock – Gino Coronado 12pts, Chadley Abalos 9 pts

The Story of the first half was Joey ‘King Handles’ Haywood vs everyone.  The Vancouver Streetball legend came out and put on an absolute show. Pulling up on a dime for threes in transition, getting to the cup – finishing with English, flashing his handle and dropping dimes all over the court. On the other side of the ball team Livestock did was they do best – come at you in waves with a scrappy brand of basketball to keep them up by a slim margin 27-25 at the half.

The one-man onslaught was slowed out of the gate in the second frame as Livestock pounded the glass to put them up by a game-high 7 and the flow of the game seemed to be changing…Until King Handles and Mark Mitchell took matters into their own hands combining for 17 points in 3:30 to put Sonic Boom up 10 with 11 minutes to play in the game.

After Captain Chadley Abalos called a rather heated timeout to corral his team they came out roaring and True to form Livestock would just not go away. With 6:30 to go in the game Livestock shrunk the lead to 1.

In the end the speed and relentlessness of Haywood and Mitchell in getting to the paint proved to be too much as Sonic Boom took it 58-54.

Metro League - Week 1 - Edited cropped with watermark (54 of 107)


SWAT – Stu Wallenstein 21 pts, Derek Mooney 20 pts

Rookies – Varinder Johal 15pts, Dhinesh Chatlani 10pts

Another game that was not much of a game from the jump in the 9 o’clock slot. Metro league mainstays Team Swat jumped all over The Rookies like they were just that, rookies.

The Wolf brothers were up to no good early and often in this one. Without a doubt that dynamic duo combined with Big Stu Wallenstein and Sharp Shooting Lefty Derek Mooey make SWAT a serious threat in the Fight for Fall.

The Rookies Varinder Johal looked to make a push in the second half but his efforts were all for not as the lead had been pushed to 30 with 8 minutes left in the game. SWAT was simply too fast, too big and too strong as Wolf, Wallenstein and Mooney combined for 53 points.

Metro League - Week 1 - Edited cropped with watermark (78 of 107)


SB Battle – Clay Crellin 32pts, Demi Harris 16 pts, Kadeem Willis 13 pts

Stallions – Jitt Lochham 12pts, Doug Plumb 10pts

This one was an Old school BEAT DOWN.  From the very start SB Battle released an absolute violent attack on 4-time Metro League Champ The Stallions.  The Athleticism and craftiness of Clay Crellin and Demi Harris was on full display in this affair.  The Stallions looked absolutely disjointed the entire night possibly not stringing together 3 consecutive stops all night.

With this win SB Battle proves they are the real deal. Anchored by former Canadian national team big Ransfrod Brempong their defense stifled the Stallions all night and limited them to an incredible 21 first half points.  For a team who likes to get up and down as much as The Stallions containing them to 21 first half points is the basketball equivalent and trying to hold water in your hand and that is exactly what SB Battle did on this night.

The Fight for Fall is real, and its on.

Eastern Conference - Week 1 - September 28, 2015

Suicide Squad 55 Vs. Deep Throwers 54

Suicide Squad – Charles L. 22pts, Sheldon H. 10pts

Deep Throwers –Vishal Lekli 14pts, Kent Hector 12pts

The first game of regular season started slow and finished with an splash. After a tough exhibition week Suicide Squad looked much more poised after showing up an hour early to work some quick hitters together as a team. It paid off as they kept the game tight in the first half with a balanced attack led by 10 at the half by Charles L.

The second half is where things got interesting.  Vishal Lekhi and Charles L went at it making big play after big play for their respective squads.  The game came down to what it looked like would be a final shot with the Deep Throwers calling iso and draining a contested fall away with .8 left on the clock.

Captain Simon Zilm called a timeout and crafted up a play which appeared to have be stifled by the D when Charles L broke free from the trap at the last second before a five count was called.  Catching the ball with his back turned to the hoop he conjured up a look at the hoop.  The game was all but over when the defender from the Deep Throwers committed the cardinal sin of basketball: Fouling a jumper shooter on the last possession of the game.

Like the cold blooded assassin, he was all night Charles L stepped to the line and calmly knocked down 3 straight Free throws to give his squad a big W.


Sofa King Good – Ampitral Bath 17pts, Kevin Rassmussen 16pts

Core – John McCartly 16pts, Karol Cybula 14 pts

A game that simply wasn’t much of game. Core did not have the ‘juice’ on this night to keep up with last seasons Division 2 Champions in Sofa King Good. Every player for Sofa King Good registered on the score sheet as they worked their rotation players much of the second half.

Core will look to bounce back next week and regain their mojo and get to .500 on the season while Sofa King Good will undoubtedly look to keep the throttle down and rise once again to the top of their division.


Metro Men – Vito Chan 17pts, James Zhou 17pts

YMCMB – Tony 14pts, Glen 13 pts

The 9 O’clock game on court 5 pitted Metro League newcomers, Metro Men vs. YMCMB.   The story of the first can be summed up as ‘3 > 2’ as the Metro Men had answer after answer penetrating the first line of defense and pitching for wide open 3’s.  Former Heritage Woods standout Doug Meyers and James Zhou let the charge early. The Metro Men cashed in 7 from long distance to go into the break up 6.

This affair would go down to the wire with YMCMB refusing to go quietly; however, YMCMB’s aggressive style of play came back to haunt them late as they couldn’t keep the Metro Men off of the line.  Meyers and Zhou’s clutch shooting at the line was the difference as they knocked down 7 for 8 down the stretch to give their team a win on opening night of the regular season.


Hoop Fiends – Matt Anza 28pts, Darrent Wong 14pts

Still Ballin' – Troy Melton 21pts, Brandon Chauncey 12pts

A monster second half from Hoop Fiends Matt Anza help Hoop Fiends to overcome a half-time deficit and outscore Still Ballin’ by 11 in the second session.  Anza was good for 28 points on the night and had 24 points of help from Darren Wong/ Andre Chewan.

Still’ Ballin was led by 21 from Trey Melton while captain Brandon Chancey helped out finishing with 12.

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