Fall Week 4 Recap And Scores

Bret Macdonald
Fall 2015
October 27, 2015

Western Conference - Week 4 - October 26, 2015


SWAT – Derrick M. 15pts, Kyle Clein 13pts

Ball So Hard – Lucas Weara 14pts, Brandon Hoyem 9pts

This was a unique matchup that would pit the always dangerous Ball So Hard squad vs the founding Team SWAT.  Both teams are always competitive, and can beat anyone on any given night!  The first half was the tug of war I expected it to be.  Devon Carney, Brandon Hoyem and Lucas Wera led the charger for BSH, while Damon Rosier, Kyle Clein, and Derrick M paced SWAT team.

SWAT had the edge at half by 9, but it was still anyone’s game.  Midway through the 2nd half, the veteran experience of SWAT started to take over!  Their stifling defense along with an onslaught of buckets by Derrick M, helped push the game out of reach.  While short-handed, team SWAT continues to put forth max effort, and get good results!


Livestock – Al 12pts, EJ 6pts, Karmal O. 6pts

Stallions – Mark H. 15pts, Jitt L. 18pts, Elliot M. 13pts

I was curious to see where the damn would break in this game.  Livestock is a potent team, and hard to deal with due to their unrelenting style of play.  They would be going up against the multi time Metro League Champion Stallions!  The Stallions looked to be at full strength, even sneaking former Metro league record holder for three pointers in a game Prince Carino!

The game started out even with Livestock hitting on four first half three pointers.  The Stallions seemed to be finding their footing the first part of the half, but “galloped” into their usual running rhythm.  So much so they ran out to a 17 point lead, scoring 48 points in the quarter!  The 2nd half would be a showcase for the Stallions has they went on to score 52 points in the 2nd half!  It was ugly in the end, but no matter how big the loss, it is only one game for Livestock.


SB Battle – Clayton C. 18pts, Demi H. 26pts, Kadeem Willis 15pts

Sonic Boom –Mark Mitchell 24pts, Joey Haywood 25pts

The unblemished SB Battle team, fresh off an exciting appearance in the Shawn Kemp “Reignman” Hoop tourney, came in to face a team with one if the best backcourts in Metro league today!  Sonic Boom’s Joey Haywood and young up and comer Mark Mitchell put pressure on all defenses!  Joey didn’t start and was absent for most of the 1st half.  Mark did his best “Superman” impersonation by scoring 10 of the team’s first 26 first half points early.  SB Battle would counter with Kadeem Willis and Current single game record holder for most points in a game (51) Demetri Harris!  Both combined for 29 of SB Battle’s 37 points, and did it with a number of rim rattling slams!

The second half would see SB Battle push the lead to 20 points, and it looked like the writing was on the wall for Sonic Boom.  It got a little chirpy on the floor in the middle of the 2nd half, and that is when “King Handles” took over.  Joey scored 17 of his 25 points late in the 2nd half!  Mark Mitchell would chip in 14 2nd half points, and it became a game inside of 2 minutes.  SB battle would get a few crucial long range bombs from Glenn Gravengard and Swaroop Singh Clair!  Clay Crellin led SB in 2nd half scoring with 14, and they were able to hold on for a 5 point win!

Game Note:  After the game Joey Haywood warned SB Battle on “Not sleeping” on the competition.  This game was ripe for an upset, but it was not to be.

Eastern Conference - Week 4 - October 26, 2015


Suicide Squad – ATrey Melton 18pts, Jamie Cuthberson 10pts,

Still Ballin – J. Velo 11pts, C. Lur 16pts

Without a play on words, Still Ballin dropped their slow start moniker to jump on the new team in Suicide Squad!  They seemed to reverse rolls with their counterparts as they scored 19 points at the half!

The strong start by Trey Melton and Kevin Coughlin, were non-existent in the second half for Still Ballin!  Once Melton fouled out, the Suicide Squad made their move!  Down 8 points late in the 2nd half, The Squad would ride the backs of J Velo and C Luv’s big 2nd half.  Before you knew it, Still Ballin lost the game and were completely.


Metro Men – Douglas Meyers 16ts, Patrick Sponanski 11pts

Hoop Fiends – Andrew Chewan 20pts, Matt Anza 17pts

The “New Kids on the Block” faced off in a heated divisional rivalry (if you can characterize it as that).  There were a few old vet names on each roster, including Matthew Anza anchoring the Hoop Fiends squad.  The former “Van City Rain” player is always flying up and down the court, and scoring all over the place!  Matt would have some help on this night from Andre Chewan!

The Metro Men were equally as deep, but more balanced in their scoring on this night.  Almost 5 players scored In double digits, and helped control the game throughout!  James Lu led the way for them with 16 points, leading them to a 9 point victory.


Sofa King Good – Eddie 25pts, Kevin 16pts

YMCMB – Glen S. 15pts, Paul C. 12pts

The battle of past champions never gets old!  Especially in this matchup between two teams that are high powered, and all over the court on off and defense.  While both teams are league champions, there is no substitute for playing short-handed.  YM would be at a big disadvantage with the missing bodies, because they thrive on a deep bench and constant pressure!

Sofa King Good was the opposite.  They had their core players, plus they were clicking on all cylinders!  “Mad Man” Eddie Fan led all scorers with 25!  His “Mad Man” approach and attack

on the court makes SKG More than formidable, and a team that is always hard to beat!  SKG wood win by double digits, and continue to solidify their effectiveness and borderline dominance in the league! East 3 Cropped Watermarked (9 of 11)


Core – Michael Cheung 23pts, Alex Thieman 17pts

Deep Thowers – Dave Aujula 17pts, Jordan 13pts

The identity has changed for Core over their Vancouver Metro lives.  Since the conversion from “Quantum Leap” to the present day Core team, they have mostly had the same players.  Their lofty preseason rankings were met with post season disappointment.  This new squad without Cody Cormack, seems to be right on track!  Michael Cheung leads this team as he always has, and they look to be writing their own chapter in Metro league!

The Deep Throwers add a light but competitive mix to the metro league, and kept this contest close and interesting throughout.  As per a few other games on this night, experience would carry Core to the victory.

Bret Macdonald
A combination of writers from the Vancouver Metro League staff team.

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