Fall Week 8 Recap And Scores

Doug Plumb
Fall 2015
November 24, 2015

Cross Conference Play - Week 8 - Court 1 - November 23, 2015


Ball So Hard – Harry Basra 18pts, Nem 14pts, Alvin Martinez 12pts

YMCMB – Will C. 19pts, Mike Li 12pts, Tony L. 9pts

After a good win last week, YMCMB had some “Uncle Mo (Momentum)” going into a highly anticipated matchup vs Ball So Hard.  This rivalry has heated up over the seasons, and looked to be an entertaining tilt!

Aggression was not a problem for either team in this matchup.  The problem was getting the ball to go in the hoop!  Each team shot somewhere in the low 40% range from the field, which made for a more defensive minded first half.  Ball So Hard would take a 5 point lead into halftime.

YMCMB would mount a comeback a few times in the 2nd half, but Ball So Hard had a combo of fast play and height that was too much for YMCMB to stop.  Four players from Ball So Hard would have 4 players score in double figures, while YMCMB’s leading scorer Jack Ho was held to 9.


Stallions – Mark Halfnights 25pts, Jitt Locham 24pts, Brody Greig 10pts, Roger Sheung 10pts

Hoop Fiends – Jerry Hsiu 16pts, Matt Anza 13pts, Andrew C. 8pts

“On Paper”, a “make believe” Las Vegas line would have been heavily favoring the multi time Vancouver Metro league champions.  The over would be the pick unless the points were way to high.  Oddly enough, the over didn’t seem high enough.  The Hoop Fiends could have cared less about an “over/under” number, and came out swinging early!

The game was within 4 points for most of the 1st half, and an informal investigation was in the process of being executed (hypothetically speaking).  Credit goes to Hoop Fiends for not making this game a push over!  The Stallions would put a late half spurt on to go into half time leading by 11.

The 2nd half would see the Stallions turn it on and off, but get control of the game in the 2nd half to put the game away.  All kidding aside, Hoop Fiends did a great job in light of the immense talent and height they faced in this matchup.


SWAT – Gene Wolf 22pts, Derrick 15pts, Kyle Klein 10pts

Sofa King Good – Akeem Pierre 23pts, Kevin Rasmussen 11pts, JJ Bath 9pts

In one of the most balanced cross matches of the night, a shorthanded SWAT team would clash with the multi time Vancouver Metro league champion Sofa King Good team!  This was a battle between young legs, chemistry, and the “Palmer Zone” (inside joke) vs the old school veterans.

The veterans would get off to a good start vs SFG.  Gene Wolf knocked down 14 first half points including two 3 pointers.  SWAT would lead by 6 at the half.  SKG would slap on the patented “Palmer Zone”, and it stifled the SWAT attack!  With Akeem Pierre continuing his attacks to the basket, JJ “No Knees” Bath knocked down two momentum changing 3 pointers!  SKG would take a lead late in the final half, but SWAT used its experience to take advantage of mistakes SKG made down the stretch.

SWAT would prevail in the end, and secure a much needed win.


SB Battle – Demitri Harris 36pts, Gabriel Diggs 19pts, Clay Crellin 19pts

Deep Throwers – Rajan Sharma 11pts, Donald Elliott 8pts

The Deep Throwers would have their hands even with a shorthanded SB Battle squad.  SB only had one sub, and got off to an uncharacteristic slow start.  Deep Throwers did their best to be “world beaters” on this night, but SB Battle would find their stride halfway through the first half.  Gabriel Diggs and Demitri Harris would weave around, and jump over DTs defense to give SB a 21 point lead at halftime.

The 2nd half would turn into a “Cirque Du Soleil” show!  Which one?  Take your pick!  SB had nearly a dozen dunks in the 2nd half, one almost better than the other!  Dru Creightney fresh from his “European Vacation” hit on Five 3 pointers and almost caught a few alley oop dunks too!

SB Battle would flex their muscles in the last cross match game of the night, and promptly say….GOODNIGHT!

Cross Conference Play - Week 8 - Court 5 - November 23, 2015


Core – Brandon Harder 21pts, Alex Thierman 15pts, Taran Nijjar 12pts

Suicide Squad – A. Valoso 12pts, C. Lao 8pts, David 8pts

There are a few teams that I am critical of in Vancouver Metro over the years.  Mostly for the potential of what they bring to the court in talent.  This is coupled with their achievement level too.  With that said, a championship is the ultimate goal, but it isn’t the “end all, be all” of success in Metro league.  In the case of Core, this goes back several seasons!  “He who will not be named” was one of the cornerstones of the Core squad for several seasons.  Usually ranked near the top of the preseason rankings (unofficially), Core continued to be a title contender,  but fall short of its goal year in and year out.  Yes there can only be one champion a year, but the Core squad should have had their names imprinted on the League trophy a few times!

Core came in as motivated as when Lebron James said that “The Golden State Warriors are one of the most healthy teams in NBA championship history” (look it up)!  They would jump all over SS, to the tune of a 20 point first half lead!  Midway through the 2nd half, Core continued to dismantle their foe.  Randomly, I heard a player come by and whisper something to the tune of “How’s this for a fast start”!  I was very critical of the Core squad last week for all the talent they have, they had struggled with less talented teams.  I like the fire!  Can this pace be the new norm for Core?


Sonic Boom – Joey Haywood 40pts, Ian Pierre-Louis 14pts, Nathan Lawrence 9pts

Metro Men – Rob Lake 15pts, James Zhou 15pts, Vito Chan 14pts

What can I say about Sonic Boom other than they are one of the most resilient teams in Vancouver Metro history!  They are usually shorthanded, injury riddled, you name it they have had it!  Yet, they continue to compete, and rarely have they been completely out of games.  In some cases, they may be responsible for some of the most surprising upsets in league history!

With “A SUB” on the bench, which is rare for them, Sonic Boom took the court vs an underrated opponent.  Metro Men have been a good addition to the league, with their “Never say die” attitude!  They would have their hands full with the new record sharing points in a game holder (51) Joey Haywood!  Missing the younger version of him in Mark Mitchell, Sonic Boom engaged in a tug of war for this cross division matchup.

The game was more competitive as Sonic Boom got off to an icy cold start!  Metro Men took advantage of every opportunity they could!  Even to earn a 7 point lead at half time!  The battle would continue, but Mr. Haywood would hit the court in the second half warmed up, and motivated!  He would going to score 32 points in the 2nd half, almost matching Metro Men’s entire 2nd half total (39)!  On the back of his 40 point performance, Sonic Boom left the gym with a W.  Good “insurance policy” to have…..that Joey Haywood “Platinum” package!


Livestock – AL 18pts, EJ 13pts

Still Ballin – Trey Melton 14pts, Brandon Chancey 8pts

“Second verse, same as the first”!  Still Ballin’ continues to baffle me with their slow starts.  Livestock is one of the formidable teams in the entire league.  However, Still Ballin has as much or more talent that they had last season.  Yet they continue to get off to these game killing slow starts!

Tonight would be no different, and it may have hurt a little more this time.  Not only did Still Ballin’ lose the first half, they lost the 2nd half too.  Livestock went to work on Still Ballin early and often, eventually holding Still Ballin’ to 14 second half points!

Needless to say, Livestock looked just as good as they have been even in ugly games like this one.

Doug Plumb

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