Fall '17 Week 4 Highlights, Vancouver Metro Basketball League

Joss Biggins
Fall 2017
October 31, 2017

Beware… new FIBA rules are here!  Made for an combination of really intriguing games.  Here we go!

Duncan Donuts 71 - Ball So Hard 87

DD - Ryan Szeto 23, Wellun Huang and Noah Levy

BSH - Cole Faminoff 23, Brandon Hoyem 25

The teams looked even in their matchup, and both came ready to play.  The pace of this game was like watching a tennis match.  Back and forth they went, and lit up the scoreboard as they went!  Duncan Donuts matched the former league champs point for point, launching deep threes from everywhere!  Ball So Hard went the traditional route by attacking the paint with verocity!  Both teams finished the first half to a stalemate at 35.

The second half would see Ball So Hard attack the paint with their considerable height advantage.  Brandon Hoyem and Cole Faminoff absolutely dined on the DD’s front line in the 2nd half.  Devon Carney continued to play at a high level in this game as he has the entire season to this point.  His mid range jumpers, floaters in the key, and hard drives to the basket helped open up the game for BSH.  Alan Hogan decided to make his mark on the defensive end.  Even with the game slipping from their hands, DD’s Ryan Szeto tried to carry his team to the finish line hitting on 2 of his 3 triples on the night.

Ball So Hard would go on to win by double digits, in a strong showing.

Fire Squad 72 - Sofa King Good 75

SKG - Will Chaing 24, Alex Koong 21

Fire Squad - Gene Wolff 21, Reade Bente 22

The concentration and focus level was so high pregame, Gene Wolff totally ignored the pregame heckling coming from the sideline.  Even though the heckler was me, and he had his earbuds in.  It reminds me of the game where Chris Rock was trying to make Kobe Bryant laugh in the middle of a game, and Kobe was having none it with the classic stone face!

The makeup of the new teams in this season’s Vancouver Metro seem to be creating dynamic matchups every week, and this game would be no different.  The multi season champion Sofa King Good squad has gradually transformed from the smaller, faster, “sleeker” team, into a bigger more powerful team.  The tallest team they have had in years, with a few

TTP - 58  Shockwave - 40

TTP - Maher Elusini - 15

Shockwave - Enzo Vanderlinden - 18

TTP is a mix of current and former/current Van Metro players.  Matt and Kevin Anza continue to thrive in Van Metro for years now, while Nedim Muminovic, Semmo and Maher Elusini have made a return to the league after a short leave from the league.  Getting these guys together combines a strong sense of scoring, shooting, and high energy to an already veteran team.  

We would see TTP take advantage of most of the opportunities that they recieved.  One thing they did add to their arsenal this week is shutdown defense!  They held Shockwave to under 20 points in the first half!  The second half would be no better for Shockwave, as TTP continued to put pressure on Shockwave at every corner and ever possession.

Maher Elusini led TTP with 15 points and hitting on 2 three pointers in the game.  Still looking to find their outside shooting touch, TTP could be one of the best three point shooting teams in the league!

Stallions  83 - Walk Ons 87

Walk Ons - Demi Harris 42, Gerard Gore 17

Stallions - Prince Carino 28, Brody Greig 23

The Stallions were short their captain and founder in Roger Sheung, but had most of the core group they have had to go on a 17-0 record from last season to this very game!  The Walk Ons are filled with veterans and a mix of new players.  This game was predicted to be entertaining, but still favored The Stallions on paper.  That was until Demi Harris showed up!  The former record holder for most points in a game (51), Harris is always a threat on offense, and now more on defense too.  Another surprise was seeing Max Neumann walk through the door.  Max had been traveling and attending open camps for semi pro basketball leagues.  Looked to be in good shape for this game, and was ready to play and crack jokes as usual.

The first half would see both teams trade shot after shot, but the tides would turn ever so slightly as Demi Harris began to assert himself into the game!  In season’s past, Harris would be a little off balanced and unpredictable on offense.  After playing a few seasons in semi pro leagues, his control level looks incredible!  His team would need all of his refinement on offense and defense to have a chance in this game.  Harris and Gerard Gore would punish the Stallions for every mistake they made.  Prince Carino, former record holder for most three pointers in a game (11), Prince would have an irratic shooting half.  The Stallions seemed to follow suit by what looked to be a 40% fg shooting half.  The Stallions would find themselves down by 9 points at the half, which no one can remember seeing that from them in a long time.

The second half would be more of the same, but the Stallions would not go quietly.  The Walk Ons felt the The Stallions surge and went into full team mode!  Each player played a part in helping maintain their lead over the former champs.  Whether by a steal, or a timely Max three pointer, or a defensive deflection by Will Edwards.  Almost a perfect game from start to finish for the Walk Ons nearly turned into a nightmare!  Near the end of the game, down 13, The Stallions made a frantic run!  They would cut the lead to 4, but ran into the new FIBA rules on their comeback.  None of the Stallions were happy after the game, but understood why the rules had to be followed. The new rules will take some getting used to, but The Stallions and the league will adapt!

Sonic Boom 54 - Agaveros 45

Sonic Boom - Elliot Mason 28, Gibran Sewani 8

Agaveros - Oscar Salvador 16, Jose “Pepe” Vega and Fernando Leon 8 each

The legendary Sonic Boom squad strolled in the gym ready for action as usual, as the Agaveros were awaiting the start of this battle!  The game started out like one team was in fast motion, and other was dragging an alligator on its ankle as it was slowly being chewed off!  Agaveros jumped on Sonic Boom like kids in a giant Bouncy House!  

It was a team attack by Agaveros led by Oscar Alvador, Pepe, and Fernando. Without a few key palyers, Sonic Boom could not get on track. The lid on the rim was heavy, yet invisible!  Agaveros led by 10 at the half, and it looked like a “Walk” was destined to happen for them.

Just as the 2nd half started, and all looked lost for Sonic Boom until...the doors swung open!  A peppering of White and Black Doves flew threw the court, as a bright light flooded the court, a shadowy figure emerged!  It was long lost teammate of Sonic Boom Elliot Mason (at least for this season).  Legendary in the lower mainland as a “marksman”, a “hired gun”, and all other superlatives used for a high powered long range bomber!

Just in the nick of time, Elliot would boost his team’s game speed to hypersonic!  Sonic Boom went from scoring 19 in the first half to scoring a whopping 35 points in the 2nd!  Agerveros scoring was anemic in the 2nd half as Sonic Boom’s league experience took over to win the game.  Young Diedrick Schmidt finally made his Vancouver Metro debut! Made a few trips up the floor, scared a few offensive players, and promptly made his way back to the bench.

Swat 97 - Two Fifty Crew 87

Swat - Jomari Reyes 31

TFC - Luca Bonamici 26, Luka Petkovic 21

The conflict game of the night was the last game of the night.  Two Fifty Crew backed by the Commish, has a lot of players he has worked with on this team and was optimistic about their success in this game.  On the other side was the founding team of SWAT.  A staple in Vancouver Metro league since the beginning!  Both teams filled with young talent, raring to go!

What was obvious from the beginning was that this was going to be a track meet on a high level.  This game could have been described in many different ways.  One of the main ones from the crowd was whoever has the ball last is going to win this game.  Neither side seemed to have a vested interest in defense, unless they were so offensively gifted that the high score was inevitable.  

With a little smack talk here and there, both teams would race to a combined 100 points scored.  SWAT would take a 3 point lead into halftime, and they actually shot a high percentage.  The 2nd half was more of the same, as Joss would pull his hair out on every missed defensive assignment and open layup.  The L&L train that is Luca and Luka, would be instrumental for TFC!  As the game came down to the wire, the last 2 mins of the game would be taken over by L&L.  Luka would hit a big three pointer to give TFC the lead, and with a few much wished for defensive stops TFC would finish out the 10-0 run with a Malik Holmes slam dunk!  A good win for TFC, and a launching pad for a strong run through the rest of the schedule!


Demitri Harris - 42 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals

Going up against the defending champion Stallions who were, at the time,  on a 17 game win streak stretching all the way from last season is no easy task! But nevertheless Demitri came to play! Relentlessly driving to the hoop for and-one scores or converting steals with ferocious fast break slam dunks - Demi was all over the floor in Week 4. Not to mention his 6 assists and 3 makes from deep beyond the arch to make his play this game the complete package. Lifting his team above The Stallions in an exciting game that went the distance!

Joss Biggins

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