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Spring 2018
June 19, 2018

What a season. Last night's Championship games conclude the Spring 2018 Season. Thanks to all teams for playing this season and we look forward to getting back on the court with you this Fall for our 10 Year Anniversary.

Full photo album from the Championship games are on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

The Division I Final was a high octane match-up that featured the top two teams from the Regular Season - undefeated Outworkcrew and the Stallions, whose only loss came against Outworkcrew in the final week by just two points.

With spectators filling the stand, the teams began to warm-up, with multiple dunks being thrown down on either end. Right from the start both teams played with a blistering pace going-up and down the floor. Outworkcrew would build a lead, then the Stallions would cut that lead, then Outworkcrew would build their lead again. By the half, Outworkcrew led 51-40 thanks to a stepback “3” from Clay Crellin to beat the buzzer.

The second half was more of the same. Both teams caught fire and were showcasing their full offensive arsenal. For the Stallions, Brody Greig was pushing the pace every play, Prince Carino was firing from outside, and Roger Sheung was scoring from all over the court. For Outworkcrew Demi Harris was slashing to the rim for layups / getting trips to the freethrow line, Luka Zaharijevic would use his size down low, and Pat Simon would knock down a barrage of triples.

Foul trouble in the end would eliminate many key players down the stretch for both teams, but when the final buzzer sounded it was Outworkcrew who was on top. Final score 114-99.

Outworkcrew Top Performers:

Demi Harris - 31 Points | 8 Rebounds | 2 Steals

Pat Simon - 19 Points | 5 Rebounds | 2 Blocks | 1 Assist | 1 Steal

Clay Crellin - 17 Points | 9 Rebounds | 2 Assists | 1 Steal

Stallions Top Performers:

Roger Sheung - 27 Points | 5 Rebounds | 2 Assists | 1 Block

Prince Carino - 20 Points | 2 Rebounds

Brody Greig - 14 Points | 10 Rebounds | 4 Assists | 3 Steals

The evolution of The Party has take place over nearly eight seasons!  From Quantum Leap to The Lemon Party, to what you see today as The Party.  One of the mainstays from years past, Ryan Shams, has also taken a turn towards the leadership role too.  He was one of the main stars on the team, and carried a heavy burden to score and do a lot of other things for his team to be successful.  The technical fouls are way down from years past, and it looks to have had a positive outcome on the team as they would achieve their first ever undefeated regular season!

TTP has also had a transformation of sorts. The Anza Brothers (Matt and Kevin) of Van Rain Fame, with a few of his core teammates who have had success in Metro League for several seasons! The Elusini brothers (Maher and Seemo) coupled with Nedim Muminovic (who is a former champion of Metro League from 2010), came together with Sunny Chen to form a potential championship team!  Matt Anza was the center of a “rumored” controversy the last few seasons, which was unofficially named “Juice Watch”!  Do to the non-stop, energetic, and almost frantic, neck breaking speed Matt maintains throughout each game, people were curious to his superhuman fitness levels!

The Party won their last regular season meeting 65-54.  With that said, the jump ball was up, and the game started!  As for most title games, the potential championship teams felt each out like the beginning of a Floyd Mayweather fight. TTP is an unpredictable team, as they play at a fast pace the entire game, but sometimes their adrenaline affects some of their early shot attempts.  Normally wide open shots were rimming out early for TTP, which is not abnormal as they are like a fighter on the ropes that can throw a haymaker to get themselves right back in the game!  The Party came out like poised vets!  Led by Ryan Shams and Chris “Z-Bo” Loreth, The Party led early 16-10 with them fending off the constant attacking nature of TTP!  Zach San Felipe had a few nice driving layups and big time three with one minute left in the half, that would hold off a few of TTPs “patented” comeback flurries!  Matt Anza would add 2 free throws to end the first half of the title game where The Party would hold a hard earned eight point lead.

The Party started the second half with some great defense.  Zach had a block at the three point line that lead to a foul and free throws.  Soon after that The Party almost had the play of the game as they would get a steal, and lose the ball in the air on a pass.  Chris couldn’t grab the ball then pass it with the defense getting back in time, so he slapped at it like a volleyball and it hit Shaun right in his hands.  However, he would fumble it out of bounds like a hot potato spoiling the potential play of the game.  Shaun would make up for it with a deep three pointer to put The Party up 11 points, 42-31, with 16 mins left in regulation. TTP was having a hard time putting the ball in the basket!  They had several opportunities with their second half offensive rebounding, but it was looking pretty ugly on some of the misses they usually made through the regular season and playoffs to this point!  The one bad part for The Party was the cold shooting from Ryan Shams and Lukas Domingo!  Lukas was really having a bad time in this game as he would not only miss a three pointer by nearly a “metaphorical” Country Mile, he also had 2 of the ugliest free throws taken in the playoffs!  TTP would seize the opportunity to go on a 7-2 run on the back of a Matt Anza driving layup and pull up 12 foot jumper.  With the score 46-40, The Party would settle down, and slow the TTP comeback once again.  The glaring disadvantage was the front court size of The Party on the rebounding end.  Chris “Z-Bo” Loreth was silent on the scoreboard, but had double digit rebounds to help control the game.

Just when you thought The Party was going to cruise to victory, TTP made one last push for the come from behind victory!  TTP would dirty the game up on defense, diving for every loose ball and turning those steals into fast break opportunities.  Nedim would connect on a much needed layup with 2:40 left in the game, and TTP would get a driving layup with a foul to cut the score to 58-54!  The Party’s Niko Mottos was fouled with 35 seconds left in the game, and had 2 free throws to ice the game.  However, in his own words, Niko had a “John Starks” moment!  I would even say it was a semi “Nick Anderson” moment, as he would brick on both free throws!  TTP raced down the court looking for a good shot to cut the lead once again.  Matt Anza would get a driving layup to make it a one possession game!  Niko was fouled again with under 30 seconds left in the game, and he would knock both of those free throws down!  TTP would miss a three pointer on the next possession and TTP would salt away the game!

Their first Vancouver Metro League Championship was in the books, and The Party’s long documented journey was complete.  Derek Sing would snag the MVP of the game with 17 points and 5 blocked shots!

The Party Top Performers

Derek Sing - 17 Points | 11 Rebounds | 5 Blocks | 1 Assist

Zach San Felipe - 13 Points | 5 Rebounds

Shaun Lum - 11 Points | 3 Rebounds | 2 Steals | 1 Assist

TTP Top Performers

Matt Anza - 13 Points | 10 Rebounds | 1 Assist | 1 Steal

Omid Toussi - 11 Points | 5 Rebounds

Dan Maczko - 9 Points | 6 Rebounds

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