Spring '18 Week 1 Highlights, Vancouver Metro Basketball League

Chrissy Benz
Spring 2018
April 10, 2018

The opening Div I game of the Spring 2018 season featured the returning Agaveros vs the newcomers, Bench Mob. The Agaveros played their classic uptempo and fast passing game, that has come with seasons of playing together, which allowed them to open up an early lead.

The Bench Mob, features twelve athletes who signed up for Metro League as individuals wanting to get back on the court in Vancouver. Though they started slow, the result of having never played together before, the Bench Mob would turn a double digit deficit into a close game down the stretch. The Agaveros would knock down the eventual game winner leaving only 4.5 seconds left on the clock for the Bench Mob. A last second attempt from the Bench Mob would roll out giving The Agaveros the Win.


Jose Camargo (31p, 5r, 2s, 1b, 1a)

Oscar Salvador (9p, 2a, 1,4)

Bench Mob:

Davidson (10p, 2r)

David (10p, 1r)

In the second game of the Div I Spring 2018 season, the defending Champions Ball So Hard faced off with the Stallions. Both teams looked notably different as Ball So Hard is not returning one of their bigs this season and most of the Stallions team was absent at Roger’s destination wedding!

The game started out even as both teams shook off the cobwebs that have remained from Fall. But things picked back up as Brody Greig pushed the pace in transition and Ball So Hard was able to attack inside led by Alan Hogan and Brandon Hoyem.

In the end it was The Stallions who would knock down more shots down the stretch to take the win 76-59.


Jamie Madewan (25p, 6r, 1a)

Brody Greig (22p, 8r, 4s, 3a)

Ball So Hard:

Alan Hogan (17p, 9r, 2s)

Jack Ho (16p, 1r, 1a)

The final game of the evening featured the longtime Metro Men of Sofa King Good vs the last minute entry Outworkcrew. This game also started slow as both teams missed some easy baskets inside and jumpers seemed to be off. Despite being undersized at every position, Sofa King Good remained aggressive and the game was back and forth until the half.

In the second half the size of Outworkcrew wore down Sofa King Good on defence which allowed run outs for easy buckets and a couple of dunks.


Demi Harris (21p, 7r, 4s, 2a)

Bruce Komakech (14p, 7r, 3b)

Sofa King Good:

Alex Koong (21p, 2r, 1s)

Sunny Chen (10p, 1r, 1s)

The opening game of the Div II season, featured two new teams to Metro League - the Ultimate Warriors and Humble Beast. The Ultimate Warriors appear to have been playing together for quite some time as their chemistry and movement on the floor was solid. 

The Humble Beast’s deserve a lot of respect as they are a team of individuals who did not know each other before the season started that want to get on the court. Final score Ultimate Warriors 87, Humble Beast 44.

Ultimate Warriors:

#12 - 17p, 3r, 1a, 1s

#17 - 14p, 5r

Humble Beast

Myka - 17p, 3r, 3s, 1a,

AJ - 9p, 5r, 1a

Last season’s Div II Champions returned and looked like they didn’t miss a beat in their first game against newcomers Cushman Skyscrapers. TTP was running all over the floor and getting out in on the fast break. The Cushman Skyscrapers appeared to want to use their size inside to get easy baskets.

The game stayed close, much closer than a defending champion team would want in their first game, but their Metro League experience paid off as TTP came out on top 63-43 at the final buzzer.


Omid (18p, 3r, 3s, 1a)

Maher (15p, 1r)

Cushman Skyscrapers:

David (17p, 5r, 1s)

Corey (7p, 1r)

The Party returned to Metro League and played their first game against the newcomers, Goon Squad. This was a close game from start to finish. 

Both teams appeared to be guard heavy - which showed on the score sheet as the teams made both made it rain. The Party would knock down 12 “3’s” on the game led by #4 who had five himself while Goo Squad would hit 7 of their own. In the end the shooting was the difference as The Party came out on top 66-55.

The Party

#5 - 17p, 2r, 1a, 1s

#28 - 14p, 3r, 2b

Good Squad

#23 - 16p, 2r, 1a

#6 - 11p, 1r

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