Spring ‘18 Week 2 Highlights, Vancouver Metro Basketball League

Chrissy Benz
Spring 2018
April 17, 2018

Game one of the evening was a matchup of the Metro League Old Guard and the New Guard. The Stallions, still notably missing players to Roger’s destination wedding bolstered their roster for week two with the appearance of Jitt Locham and Prince Carino. The Bench Mob, coming of of their very first Metro League appearance last week would look to improve on their narrow loss vs the Agaveros.

The teams would come out firing away with neither team shy to pull the trigger from deep. Lucky for the Stallions, Brody Greig, Jitt Locham, and Matt Madewan would click like it was their 2013/2014 National Championship year at Langara College. Brody led the charge in transition with 12 assists, Jitt was a force inside with a near double-double, and Matt was a sniper from beyond the arc going for nine three pointers by himself. While the Bench Mob fought early on, they could not match the firepower of the Stallions. Final score 104-66.

Stallions Top Performers:

Matt Madewan - 33p (9 3’s), 5r, 2a, 1s

Jitt Locham - 28p, 9r

Prince Carino - 23p, 4a, 3r

Bench Mob Top Performers:

Raayyan Mohammad - 14p, 3r

David Ta - 12p, 2a, 1s

Davidson St. Paul - 10p, 7r, 1b

Based on the final standings from Fall ‘17, one might have assumed that this game would be over before it started. That was anything but the case. Agaveros newcomer, Jose Camargo would continue his strong play inside taking most of the scoring load for the Agaveros. Ball So Hard would use a balanced attack in the first half on their way to a 26-19 lead at the break.

Despite being down, the Agaveros would not go away and slowly chipped away at the lead until it was a tie game at 47-47 with under 30 seconds to go. Alan Hogan would score the go ahead basket at 49-47 the Agaveros would tie the game but Devon Carney would put the nail in the coffin with the game winning basket to end the game 51-49.

Ball So Hard Top Performers

Alan Hogan - 14p, 7r, 5b

Brandon Hoyem - 12p, 7r, 1a, 1b

Devon Carney - 8p, 4r, 2b, 1a, 1s

Agaveros Top Performers

Jose Camargo - 24p, 10r, 1s

Oscar Salvador - 6p, 2r, 1s

Fernando Leon - 2p, 7r, 1b, 1s

Sofa King entered week two on after a blowout loss last week and would be looking for revenge against a last minute addition to Metro League, Blouses. This game was highly exciting and close from start to finish. Sofa King Good held the lead at 33-31 at the half.

For the entire game, both teams were on absolute fire, combining for 25 three pointers between them which brought the game down to the wire. The score was tied 67-67 with 22 seconds remaining. Eddie Fan tried to foul with less than 10 seconds. Sofa King Good had only committed one foul in the second half due to their zone and Blouses love of the long 3s so Sofa King Good had a lot of fouls to give.  David Ta nabbed the 2 pts to take the lead.  With only 2 seconds on the clock, Sofa King Good would take a time out. On the final play Eddie Fan shook his defender, caught the pass and launched a “3”. Buzzer beater for the win!!! Final score 70-69.

Sofa King Good Top Performers

Eddie Fan - 19p, 7r

Will Chiang - 18p, 3r, 2a, 2s

Alex Koong  - 13p, 1a, 1s

Blouses Top Performers

David Ta - 26p, 4r, 2s, 1a

Ibrahim Warsame - 14p, 8r, 6s

Abdi Mohamud - 12p, 3r, 1a

The young Academy team made their debut in Metro League with an impressive win over the Goon Squad. The Goon Squad held the lead for most of the game as their hot shooting (7 3’s) kept them in front. 

As the Academy players adjusted to playing with their new teammates, thanks began to click and the used their advantage inside with big man Cole Leon. What was a 31-29 lead at half-time for the Goon Squad turned to a 67-57 final score.

Academy Top Performers

Jonas Serrano - 13p, 4r, 3s

Josiah Mastandrea - 13p, 5r, 5s,1a

Cole Leon - 11p, 3r, 3b

Goon Squad Top Performers

Walter - 11p, 2r, 2s

Derek Hui - 10p, 3r

Kelvin Poon - 10p, 7r

Making their first appearance in Metro League, Metro 1 went head-to-head with The Party. The Party held the lead at 35-29 at half-time before they pushed the lead to as many as twenty points in the second half led by Chris Loreth inside and a balance of perimeter shooting. 

Metro 1 would use some hot shooting of their own as they would come all the way back to force the first Overtime of the Spring Metro League season. Chris Loreth would prove to be to much inside as he led The Party to a 75-69 OT win in which both teams combined for 17 three pointers.

The Party Top Performers

Chris Loreth - 26p

Shaun Lum - 14p

Ryan Shams - 11p

Metro 1 Top Performers

Jonas Serrano -  20p

Gabe Nacario - 13p

Marco Wong - 10p

Both Humble Beast and the Cushman Skyscrapers with one Metro League game now under their belt came out looking extremely composed and in search of their first Metro League Victory! The teams would trade baskets nearly the entire game in what was an evenly matched game. 

For Humble Beast, Myka would use his speed to free himself for a number of jumpers which were matched in kind by Edgar of the Cushman Skyscrapers. This one would come down to the wire with Humble Beast taking the victory by a score of 57-56.

Humble Beast Top Performers

Myka Tang-Blumenschein- 21p, 5r, 3a, 1s

AJ Jones - 13p, 4r, 2s, 1a

Sam Moncur - 9p, 7r, 1s

Cushman Skyscrapers Top Performers

Edgar Buksevics - 17p, 9r, 2a, 1s

Hunter Jordan - 14p, 3a, 2r

Kyle Grundy - 12p, 11r, 1s, 1b

In a marquee matchup to end the night, the Ultimate Warriors took on TTP. What started as a close game soon ballooned to 15+ points. The Ultimate Warriors were getting huge contributions on both ends from Milidrag while TTP was struggling to score on this night. 

Players energy was at an all time high throughout the night with healthy competition and some “trash talk” fuelling them. TTP would stage a comeback as shots in the final minutes began to fall, but it was too little too late as the final score was 53-44.

Ultimate Warriors Top Performers

Milidrag Stupar - 13p, 7r, 4b

Mohit Owan - 12p, 2r, 1a, 1s

Devon Carney - 10p, 5r, 3a, 1s

TTP Top Performers

Maher Elusini - 13p, 3r, 1s

Matt Anza - 9p, 5r, 1a, 1s

Omid Toussi- 7p, 4r,

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