Clint Lomax
Spring 2018
May 8, 2018

Week Five is officially in the books! - Full Album up on our Facebook Page.

Both of these teams had a hard time putting the ball in the hoop last week, and looked to bounce into the Win column.  This game looked like The Rogers Cup! Back and forth like Eugenie Bouchard and Serena Williams! Just when you thought one team had the advantage, the other would change the momentum.

Last week, Cushman was a one man gang when it came to scoring.  This week….was the the same one man gang show out of David McKay!  Cushman played well as a team on most of the other aspects of the game, but it was like King Kong swatting down helicopters in this game!  Metro 1 gained an advantage with a few late 3s by Josiah Mastradia and his team, but Cushman was able to get a late layup and hold off the young Metro 1 stars.

A test of young talent vs even younger talent!  Coached by the returning UBC Legend Doug Plumb, The Academy was not only learning on the fly, they brought high energy as they did it!  The Academy would take TTP by surprise in the effective shooting they had on the perimeter. TTP had to grind it out early in the first half to get some inside baskets.  The Academy were young, but had disceptive size. That size was able to snag a few extra rebounds and pound TTP in the paint for layups. TTP would rally to take a small halftime lead, but it didn’t look safe in the slightest.

The second half would see The Academy’s Josiah Mastandre lit up TTP from behind the arch, and it looked like the young squad was vying for a mild upset.  TTPs Omid, Elusini, and Seemo would rally late in the game with a offensive rebound and put back layup with less than 30 seconds left in the game. TTP escaped, but The Academy is getting better!

At first glance, The Ultimate Warriors are better than their record says they are.  However, glances are fleeting when it comes to the hardwood! Closely matched teams can ride the momentum train .  As close as this game was on paper, the “Eye” test would prove to be in the favor of the Goon Squad!

The Goon Squad had a good sign from an early jumpshot from Vikas “The Bruiser” Karra!  From that point, the Goon Squad was super hyped and energized! However, the game was won in the paint with Goon Squad’s center #5.   He played like he was Anthony Davis, with his inside game, then popping out to knock down a three pointer too!

Outworkcrew continued to blaze up the net in anticipation to their upcoming title with the defending champion Stallions, who had a buy this week.  Bench Mob’s young talent is fun to watch, because of the creative plays that you see from them on occasions. This game would be an Outworkcrew showcase!

The league's leading scorer, and record holder of most points in a game named Demi Harris, ran rough shot over the young BMs like a knife through butter!  This was not a reflection on BM, but just a story in what not just talent, but hardwork looks like! The BMs couldn’t stop him or the Crew on this night, but their ceiling is high going forward!

It seems like any game that the Agaveros are apart of, are must watch TV!  They added few key free agents, and they are looking like the team we thought they could be the last few seasons.  Once the ball was tossed up in this game tho….It would be something out of a horror movie!

The build up was good.  Both teams probing for weaknesses, good team play, mixed with some good moves to the basket.  The first half would see Sofa King Good up 7 points in a hard fought game. The second half would see the recreation of that Alfred Hitchcock classic movie “The Birds”!  Instead of birds reigning down on Agaveros, it was three point bombs!!! SKG made 15 three pointers in the game, and most in the second half! Alex Koong led the assault with Five Long Balls!  The victory was capped by the surprise return of JJ “No Knees” Bath, who drained a three point to punctuate this unexpected rout!

The rebuilding of The Party began a few short seasons ago.  After a slight renaming of the team, coupled with a few roster moves, The Party looks like a team continuing to rise!  Humble Beast has had a rocky start to the season, but their effort is relentless and always plays to the finish. This game would be an avalanche waiting to happen!

Humble Beast leading scorer William Wang started out hot with a short jump shot and a 3 pointer, giving Humble Beast and early lead.  After a few back and forths, The Party started to find their footing and create separation from their opponents! Chris “Z-Bo” Loreth and Zachery San Felipe led The Party with their strong scoring and energetic hustle plays in the first half.  In the second half Nikolai Mattus and Ryan Shams would take the baton and blitz Humble with a rebound, fast break, and three point clinic that looked as good as “Krispy Creme” donuts coming off the conveyor belt! The Party continued its winning ways with a solid effort vs a team that doesn’t quit.

Sometimes people are fooled by which games will be easy, and which ones will be blowouts.  Other games, you have players missing and a team not at full strength. Blouses looked to have a good chance in getting a victory against the former champs Ball So Hard.  With their huge front line, Fardaws, Ball So Hard were looking at a little turbulence going into this game!

What would not be a surprised is that BSH would battle like the champs they are, and that it would be an up and down game!  This game was like watching the Diamond league Track and Field Relay events! Back and forth they would go, passing the baton to another teammate to score.  The tug of war would be headlined by the two teams front lines! Fardaws was the anchor for Blouses, while Brandon Hoyem and Alan “Spiderman” Hogan anchored BSH!  

Both teams went down to the wire, and with the game on the line...the chippiness turned into technical fouls!  BSH would shoot free throws in the aftermath, while Ahmed “Two Techs” would take a seat on the bench for the rest of the game!  Being one of their best shooters, Blouses would face an uphill battle coming back with less than a minute left. BSH would take the game in dramatic fashion, and continue on their trek for championship glory…..Again!

Clint Lomax

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