Spring Week 4 Recaps and Scores

Bret Macdonald
Spring 2015
April 15, 2015

Division 2 Week 4 Sunday - April 12, 2015

Ball So Hard 60 Vs. Van Rain 40

BSH – Brandon Hoyem 23 Points, Amin Benkadmir and Darryl Wong 8 Points each

Van Rain – Jasmin Demirovic 13 Points, Matthew Anza 9 Points

Van Rain was noticeably short handed this game. Missing was their leading score Jasmin Demirovic. As the ball went up for the jump ball, he was no where to be found. Van Rain felt the effects of him not being there because the high powered Ball So Hard squad ran all over the Rain!

BSH would come out of halftime with a 16 point lead, holding Van Rain to a season low 12 points! Just as everything looked to be bleak, Demirovic strolled in the door! With him here, the game would become the tough matchup we anticipated? NAW! Jasmin started cold from the field, and continued to be for the remainder of 2nd half. BSH would score 32 in the 2nd half, and run away with this game!

Van Rain is in a lot trouble going forward, learning that they will lose Jasmin for the rest of the season!!! It is going to be a bumpy ride for Van Rain going forward.

Chill Co. 57 Vs. Nift Team 49

Chill – Harman Dhillon 10 Points, Matt Vukets and Richard Bos 8 Points each

Nift – Wahaj and Alex 10 Points each, David 7 Points

Livestock 51 Vs. Team Kulinarya 57

Kulinarya – Scott Wee 11 Points, Nikolay Georgiev 8 Points,

Livestock – Mannie Deo 16 Points, Brandon 10 Points, Dino 8 Points

D1 Week 2 Monday - April 13, 2015

SWAT 98 VS. Splash Bros. 58

SWAT – Gabe Gibbs 25 Points, Seymour Cash 24 Points, Max Neuman 16 Points

Splash Bros – Maher Elusini 17 Points, Waseem Elusini 11 Points, Tu Le 10 Points

New Power Generation 63 Vs. Kings 54

NPG – Tommy Nixon 23 Points, Warren 14 Points, James 12 Points

Kings – Dru Creightney 13 Points, Nick Toews 12 Points, Igor Dutina and Laz Schitz 10 Points each

Big matchup between these two teams late in the evening. Both teams had new names, but both also had familiar faces. Both teams had a lot of talent, and their were a lot of key matchups that looked to be key in this matchup!

On paper, the edge looked like it favored the Kings squad, but The New Power Generation had depth and a little bit of "hustle" on their side. The Kings looked to be short one 6'8" starter on their team, but looked to have enough to get a "W". NPG brought an NBA sized roster, but capped it off with the acquisition of UBC standout Tommy Nixon! Nixon would lead the charge for NPG in the first half scoring 15 of their 33 first half points. The Kings had flashes of great plays, but couldn't put together consecutive plays together at least in the first half.

NPG held a 9 point lead at halftime, and would find themselves in a hornet's nest with a Kings team that started to put together the game plan they had for the start of the game! NPG would match every run with one of their own. NPG's bench scoring was key in this game, but their hustle played a big part in NPG pulling away in this game. Both teams scored 30 second half points, and ended the game with a lot of scramble plays that went NPG's way.

Good action in this game despite he low score, but it was a reflection of the depth of Division 1 in Van Metro this season.

Stallions 100 Vs. Sonic Boom 0

Stallions 60 – SWAT 63 (Exhibition game. Stallions win vs Sonic Boom 100-0)

SWAT – Gene Wolf 15 Points, Seymour Cash 14 Points, Damon Rozier and Gabe Gibbs 11 Points each

Stallions – Mike Berg 15 Points, Roger Sheung 14 Points, Luis Ayala 9 Points

In an exhibition game, The four time Metro League champion Stallions took the court vs The long time favorite SWAT team! Both teams have made some adjustments to their rosters this spring. SWAT is making their first appearance since last season, but have added some star power to its roster almost mirroring their title game team from a few years ago.

Douglas 51 Vs. System 8 Athletics 54

System 8 Athletics – Tyler Lutton 24 Points, Stu 11 Points, Simon 7 Points

Douglas – Malcolm Mensa 21 Points, Andrew B 9 Points

This matchup should of been billed "New School vs the Semi Old School Gang"! It was literally a who's who of current college players and seasoned alumni players (some playing at Douglas in the past). The Douglas team was anchored by Malcolm Mensa, who would prove to be a good role model in this game. Leading young guys up against the crafty and experienced System 8 group.

The action was at a frenzied pace, but it seemed that both teams had a "lid on the rim" at times. The first half both teams scored over 30, but in the second half neither team could throw the ball in the ocean!

In the matchup pitting "Youth against Experience", experience would win out in the end. System 8 pulled out a good win against a young team, and they still had key players missing. Douglas should be in the mix the whole season, with the effort they have put forth in their games to this point!

Sofa King Good 64 Vs. The Party 57

SKG – Gurjit  13 Points, Brandon 12 Points, Eddie Fan and Amritpal Bath 11 Points each, JJ Bath 10 Points

The Party – Akeem Pierre 14 Points, Chris Loreth 10 Points, Josh Trott and Matt Madewan 8 Points each

Coming in undefeated so far this season, The Party has been the talk of the league! Newly added Matt Madewan makes The Party even more of a Division two title contender! They would still have to get past the former Metro League champs Sofa King Good!

Despite the name, The Party doesn't make a whole lot of friends "on the court", but no one ever said they had to. I expected a chess match in the beginning. A feel out period so to speak, but it was far from that! While The Party attacked from all angles! It would take Gurjit of SKG to keep them in it, scoring all of his 13 point in the first half!

SKG held a 3 point lead to start the 2nd half, and relied on the famous "SKG Palmer 2-3 zone"! The big advantage they gained was holding Chris Loreth and Matt Madewan to 8 point each! That would prove to be big, because that little adjustment in the 2nd half would lead them to a 7 point victory!

Good win for SKG to stop The Party's early undefeated streak. This will only lead to a better and more intense playoff series if it happens!

Still Ballin' 49 Vs. YMCMB 53

YM – Glen Shueng 12 Points, Jack Ho and Kelly Low 9 Points each

Still Ballin – Don Britten 14 Points, Trey Anthony 12 Points, Munraj S. 9 Points

YM has started the season with another slow start, and it was not looking good for the former Metro League champs. Facing Still Ballin would be the matchup up of "The quicks vs The Trees"! Luckily for YM....JACK WAS BACK! Jacky Ho made his season debut, and they would definitely need him early.

The first part of this game belonged to the rebounding and shooting of Still Ballin! Trey Anthony dominated the paint nearly the entire game, but he scored the games first 6 points! Dan Britten and Brandon Chancey would knock down timely jumpers and three pointers.

YM would make a comeback on the back of three 3 pointers by Jacky Ho!

Still Ballin came out of halftime with a 2 point lead. The second half would be as action packed as the Final Four games from the NCAA Tournament last week! Back and forth action was the name of the this half. YM would dig deep and take a late lead, despite YM's upstart Mike #15 going 2-12 from the free throw line including 2-10 from the strip in the 2nd half! Kelly Low's late layup would cut the lead to 1.

Still Ballin would not be able to capitalize on their next possession, and found themselves with a late shot clock defensive possession to decide the game! Glen #5 found himself on the right 3pt side, and launched a three pointer with Still Ballin defenders running down his throat! SWISH!!! YM would get a crucial stop on defense, and escaped with a much needed win!

Ballaholics 62 VS. Core 70

Core – Ricky Manhas 17 Points, Sukha Heer 12 Points, John McCarty 11 Points

Balllaholics – #14 Bowen 17 Points, #10 Mal 16 Points, #10 King 10 Points

With both teams at or near full strength, it looked like Core would dominate this matchup vs the winless Ballaholic squad.

Ballaholics came out fighting, scoring 31 points in the first half. Unfortunately for them, Core scored 42 first half points! Nearly everyone for Core scored in the first half, and all Core players scored in this game!

Even with the Ballaholics scoring their season high 61 against Core, it just wasn't enough to derail the veteran Core team!

Game Note: Nearly 5 players for Core scored in double figures! That is called balanced scoring!

Flight 71 Vs. Bricklayers 59

Flight – Omar 22 Points, Jermaine, RJ Base 11 Points

Bricklayers – Ryan Szeto 23 Points, Christian Ho 14 Points, Doug and Shaurya 8 Points each

Both teams came into this game wanting, and needing this win! Flight was looking to continue their win streak, while the Bricklayers needed this win to prevent themselves from falling out of the playoff race early!

The Bricklayers looked like they were going to pull a mild upset on this day with the help of Ryan Szeto! Ryan would have a career Metro League high for a half with 21 points! He scored nearly 80% of his teams 30 first half points! Flight would keep the same "can do" attitude that they bring into every game, and only trailed by 1 point at halftime.

The 2nd half would put a damper on Ryan Szeto's potential "projected" 40 point game! Flight would go berserk and blitz the Bricklayers for 42 2nd half points! Christian Ho took over the scoring for the Bricklayers in the 2nd half scoring 14 points, but it would not be enough.

Flight would claim the victory and run their record to 3-1! Is this team ready to make another title run?

Bret Macdonald
A combination of writers from the Vancouver Metro League staff team.

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