WINTER 19, Week 3 Highlights, The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™

John Leong
Winter 2019
January 29, 2019


Game 1

Night Hoops pulled off a big upset against the Stallions in a much anticipated matchup at the Richmond Oval on Monday night. The win, by a score of 57-51, was Night Hoop’s statement win of the season so far..

Both Stallions and Night Hoops went back and forth to start the contest, with a few big runs keeping each team in the game. Night Hoops opened the contest by jumping out to a 14-2 lead with the quick consecutive buckets from Anthony Demch, spurring the Stallions bench to turn up the energy in response to the hot start, closing the half with a 8 point lead.

Starting the second half Brody Greig of the Stallions lead a huge 12-2 run right out of the break. Greig looked unstoppable in transitions, scoring bucket after bucket and making plays to keep his team in position to come out with the win. During the final 2-minutes of play Zach San Felipe made some huge plays to give his team a 55-51 lead, then Garth Anderson sealed the upset with a pair free-throws to close out a 57-51 win.

Written by:Ed Daniels

Game 2

The Family Guys started the game strong against 2-0 Reign. Max Neuman led the charge with 13 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assist. Floor general Ivan Yaco controlled the entire first half putting up 8 points and 7 dimes to help close the first half 30 to 18 at the half.

For Reign, a particularly active night on both ends from athletic duo Demi Harris and Clay Crellin would be huge for their team as they continued their win streak. after the break, Crellin and Harris turned on the switch second half. Harris was electric with back to back dunks opening the half. Combined, they accounted for 47 points 12 rebounds and 10 assist to help pace the Reign to a 70-57 victory.

Harris ended with 29 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assist while Clay added 18 points 5 assist and 3 steals. Luca Bonamici chipped in 13 points.

Written by: Ed Daniels

Game 3

The Raptors pulled away late in the second half to top the Huskies 60-57, on Monday night.  Kris McMurray paced the Raptors with 14 points and 4 rebounds. Karinga Wells chipped in 12 points in the win. The Huskies were led by Jamal Mullings put up 27 points and 7 rebounds while teammate Mark Mitchell added 15 points 5 rebounds and 3 steals to keep the undersized Huskies within reach but came up short in the end. Raptors gained their first win.

Written by: Ed Daniels

Game 4

The Grizzlies came out strong against the Agaveros veteran squad and would not look back. Kevin Shaw led the Grizz with a game high 15 points, while adding eight rebounds to help lead his team to a 18 point win over the seasoned Agaveros. The Agaveros were led in the score column by Oscar Salvador who put up 10 points and 7 rebounds for the Agaveros.


Game 1: George

Underdogs @ Bucket Getters

First Half

Game 1 at Court 6 featured the Underdogs vs the Bucket Getters, who were looking to extended their winning streak to three games. The Bucket Getters started the game with an 8 - 3 run with  Kevin Khungay and Brad Mavis knocking down the threes. For the Underdogs,  Ibrahim Warsame had an answer staying  aggressive in the pain andt with the help of Jordan Sergue kept them in the game.

Second half:

Abdi Mohamud started the second half with the hot hand having a 5 - 0 run for the Underdogs. Jordan Sergue again added a four point run to increase the lead to 10 points.  Brad Mavis was keeping his team in the game with two back to back threes, but the Underdogs never took their foot off the pedal. Kevin Khungay stayed active and came out with two key steals to keep them within range down the stretch, but they ran out of time as the Underdogs would take the victory.

Written by: George Hernandez

All Trouble @ Ball don’t stop

First Half

Mack Falk started the first half on fire for All Trouble hitting a three, grabbing a steal and playing great defense, All Trouble were only allowing points at the free throw line in the first two minutes of the game. Cole James added to the quick lead scoring two back to back threes for his team, however Ball Don’t Stop started finding their groove and went on an 8-0 run. Eric Lin stayed aggressive and drove to the paint which got him to the FT line which would help his team to make the lead bigger. Alvin Lin went on a 6-0 run at the end of the half giving Ball Don’t Stop a 14 point lead at the half.

Second half:

Jason Lin started got off to a hot start with 6-0 run to start the second half, however, Colton Bakken attacked the rim to keep them in the game within striking distance. Also Mack Falk, added some heat that kept them in the game with a seven point run of his own with five minutes left in the half, but Eric Lin wouldn’t let them catch up hitting a three and a two to maintain the lead. Despite effort from All Trouble at the end of the second half, it wasn’t enough to top Ball Don’t Stop Much.

The Squad @ Swat

First Half

The last game on Court 6 started with Darwin Esposito getting two assists early for The Squad. For SWAT, Mike Tomlinson went to work in the paint grabbing three boards and scoring six points early. The battle of the big man started halfway through the first half when Tony Minchin of The Squad also got his piece in the paint grabbing 5 boards and scoring 3 second chance opportunities. Rajan Paul had an answer to The Squad’s aggressive plays in the paint and he went on a 6 - 0 run and assisting Mike Tomlinson with a pass off the glass for the alley-oop.  Giving them a 10-point lead at the half.

Second Half

Tony Minchin did not stop grabbing boards in the second half, getting six boards in the second half to finish with his first a double - double of the season. Despite his efforts,  SWAT was led by Mike Tomlinson scoring 12 pts in the second half. SWAT, who was passing the ball at a high level with a total of 13 assists as well as getting five stops in a row with three steals and two blocks, AJ Jones and Malik Glenson fought through to try to keep The Squad in the game but, was not enough. In the end SWAT walked away with their second win of the season.

Written by: George Hernandez

Banana Boat Crew vs. Kawhi So Srs

The Banana Boat Crew came out strong in Week 3, scoring the first points in the game with a notable floater from Vivaswan Venkat. Ben Dodman was an essential part of the team, scoring 10 points and blocking two shots you wish you were there to see. In the second half, Michael Cockburn started landing his 3’s to bring the game to a one point difference from a 10+ point spread. However, the Banana Boat Crew ended the game with a good fight and all around scoring with everyone scoring at least one basket.

Kawhi So Srs played a great offensive game as a team. In the first half, Jesse Vanzie assisted Jesse Beavis for an impressive reverse layup. Of course, the real team player goes to Joel Abad who had recorded six assists on the night. Kabir Sandhu would protect the hoop all night and would later go on to score from a drive and dish from Alban Shala. The team worked together to pull through an exciting second half and came out on top, thanks to Benjamin Fan’s four 3-pointers.

Written by: Jennifer Le

All Canadians vs TTP 48-67

The All Canadians dominated Week 3 thanks to their consistent players. Lazar Cuk had the highest shooting percentage with five 3 pointers, racking up 19 points on the night. However, the team couldn’t have gotten their win without Kent’s defensive plays and six recorded boards.

TTP fought till the very end, with Matt Anza and Omid Toussi scoring nearly 14 points each, but their game goes to show,

“No rebounds, no rings.”

-Pat Riley

Written by: Jennifer Le

Nothin’ but Net-Flix vs. OT Bandits 60-31

Nothin’ but Net-Flix were in beast mode yesterday, winning. Their gameplay consisted of steals, from Kenny Kao and Darryl Wong, who played as a dynamic duo to steal and assist for each other. The lead scorer of this game was David Yap with four two-pointers, five three-pointers, two foul shots, 1 assist and 1 steal, totalling a game high of 25 points. A memorable part of the game was his assist to Thomas Hum, who slapped the backboard with his bucket.

The OT Bandits are still working on finding their team dynamic, under the leadership of Telsyn Doucette, who came out under the boards with 7 rebounds and 2 assists to Enzo Lin.

Written by: Jennifer Le

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