2016 Spring Chase To The Championship Week 5

Bret Macdonald
Spring 2016
April 27, 2016

Men's Division 1

Toonsquad 100 – Hilltoppers 0

Coquitlam Boys 89 – Underwater Squad 113

Underwater Squad - Andrew & Laszlo: 33 pts each

Coquitlam Boys - Nikolai: 38 pts,

This was a battle of who can get to 100 first! Underwater Squad playing without their “assassin” Tommy Nixon due to alleged “coaching” duties were still able to get the victory. Coquitlam Boys are in every

Nikolai had a huge night for the undersized Coquitlam Boys, with 38, but it still wasn’t enough for them to secure the “W”. A long trip back to Coquitlam for the boys tonight, but they will be back and ready to go next week as they take on Sonic Boom!

UBC 68 – Stallions 79

Stallions – Elliot Mason and Brody Greig: 21 pts each

UBC – Luka: 16 pts, Pat Simon: 12 pts

This game was circled on the calendar since the schedule came out! Two power house teams with different but solid credentials! The odds had UBC bouncing back from last week’s loss, the Stallions had a different approach. The Stallions would employ their usual and true game plan.  Run, Run, and Run some more!

The Stallions kept UBC honest and

Great game to look back on when it gets closer to the end of the regular season.

All Native 62 – Sonic Boom 65

Sonic Boom – Gabe Gibbs: 17 pts, Venad

All Native – Sean Holland: 28 pts, Gene Wolff: 12 pts

Each game tonight seemed to have a potential for good headlines. This game would be one of them. A good combination of youth, talent, and experience dominated the court in this matchup.  Sonic Boom would pick up former Division One standout Emerson Murray, to replace Joey “King Handles” Haywood.

This game had the makings of a rugby slash “cricket” game, and it did not disappoint. Sonic Boom would take a small lead into the half, and after that the game went “physical”! Not since the 1994 NBA Finals between the Houston Rockets and New York Knicks had I seen the physical pounding that this game produced.

Sonic Boom was able to get a few timely buckets, and received a huge rebound in between 3 defenders by Ian Pierre-Louis! The 3 point victory would mark the second victory of the season!  All Native had the talent, they just could not get the chemistry despite the 28 point explosion by Sean Holland!

Academy 100 – Blues 73

Academy - Colin Plumb: 27 pts, Graeme McCallum: 21 pts

Blues – Tyus: 17 pts

The Academy stepped on the court with their customary 5 players and no subs, without a care in the world. The young Blues squad were hungry for a win, and had their game faces on!  It didn’t take long before the Academy, led by the Commissioner of Metro League and captain of The Academy Bret Macdonald, took over this game and didn’t look back.

3 missed dunks, botched layups, and a number of other “hijinks” didn’t keep the Academy from scoring 60 points on the young squad in the first half, and 100 points for the game! The biggest highlight was the steal and dunk by the Blues player nicknamed “Bazemore”!  The lefty stole an errand pass, and went the length of the court for a tomahawk dunk! That was the end of the highlights for the Blues.

On a lighter note, the highlights for the Academy was Graeme McCallum racing out to challenge a shot by flipping up his shirt to expose his “beer filled” belly and Colin, the “vertless” Plumb doing backboard touches all night to score a game high 27 points! The Academy continues to stay near the top of the standings with a convincing win!

Men's Division 2

SoulGood 71 – Stepbrothers 35

SoulGood - Jason Joseph and Keenan Li: 13 pts

StepBrothers - Ray: 7 pts, Grant 6: pts

SoulGood is starting to look like the SoulGood of old! This team contended for titles in several seasons in the past, but started out rocky this season. Back is the Captain Jermaine “J Fresh” Foster, and the founder of SoulGood has come back from his “bearded” sabbatical to help put the “Soul” back in “SoulGood”!

The StepBrothers have had a hard time with their first year in the league, and this

YMCMB 44 – Western Union 72

Western Union  Mannie Deo: 22 pts, Al: 16 pts

YMCMB – Corey: 13 pts, Paul: 7 its

In season’s past, this was one of the Game of the Night candidates. However, the mighty YMCMB has fallen far and fast! The once unified threats in the Division 2 group has been hit with injuries, defections, and unofficial retirements! Western Union continues to move along like a well-oiled machine! Solid players from top to bottom with a lot of improvement from season to season.

YMCMB fell behind quickly without their leading scorer Jack Ho. Western Union had a balanced attack led by Mannie Deo and the “Hook Shot”. The height and scoring disadvantage was too much for YMCMB to handle, and they would fall once again putting their playoff hopes in jeopardy!

Ball So Hard 77– B.O.B. 78

B.O.B. – Martin: 25 pts, Larsen: 13 pts

Ball So Hard – Brandon: 31 pts, Vik: 16 pts

In this heavyweight Div 2 matchup, two

The final part of the game had Ball So Hard up 1 with less than 15 seconds left. Ball So Hard committed a 5 second call, and turned the ball back over to B.O.B.  Ball So Hard then FOULED a B.O.B. player sending them to the line to try and take the lead.  After the B.O.B. player missed the front end of a one on one, BSH received a bench technical which sent B.O.B back to the line. They would bury 2 free throws to win the game!  One of the first times I have seen core people in the BSH club lose it in the clutch. Good theatre for the rest of the season.

The Party 80 – Cloverdale Brodies 68

The Party – Matt Madewan: 23 pts, Chris

Cloverdale – Adam Rossignol: 18 pts, Harsimran Gill: 14 pts

The Cloverdale Brodies come off of a mild

It was a

Team Flight 46 – B2B 69

B2B – 

Flight – Ali 16 pts, Kevin: 15 pts

Flight is another team plagued by injuries. They have battled the last two seasons undermanned, after battling it out in the championship game not too many seasons ago. This is a new season, but presents the same problems. B2B has hit the ground running after a short hiatus from Metro League.

Their style has not changed and neither has their overall height. Their fast style and height advantage, kept Flight off balance the entire game. The late arrival of Darryl L was not able to help Flight from a 20+ point loss in this matchup.

Emperors 44 – Core 50

Core – Nic: 10 pts, Tyus: 8 pts

Emperors – Frankie Liu: 13 pts

What can I say about Core that I haven’t stated before….many times in the past! Before I could get a word out about Core, I spotted two familiar faces! Michael Cheung and Cody McCormick made an appearance TOGETHER in the Richmond Oval tonight!

Core would get a huge boost from these two early in the game racing off to a 17-6 lead.  However, the Core “scoring blackout” happened from the 15 minute mark in the first half all the way till near the end of the game!!! After the first 8 minutes scoring 17 points, they spent the rest of the game scoring 33 points! The per minute scoring can be calculated on one hand!  Even with that, Core’s defense disrupted the Emperors and especially Frankie Liu.  Frankie is the leading scorer and captain for the Emperors, and Core knew it! Core would squeak out a 6 point victory to get the season going in the right direction!

WH 66 - Sofa King Good 59

WH – Jamie: 15 pts, Justin: 12 pts

SKG – Antonio: 29 pts, Kevin Rasmussen: 9 pts

In the upset of the night category, enters Sofa King Good! With several key players on vacation, and one of their top guys still getting used to coming back from vacation, SKG looked a little out of sorts. WH didn’t help with their almost identical playing style. The undercurrent was the battle between “Palmer” players on each team!

The game was close at the half, but WH was able to grind out possession after possession.  In the end, SKG was looking at their first loss with one of their top scorers in the lineup.  The loss is not significant yet, but we shall see how this might play into things later.

Bret Macdonald
A combination of writers from the Vancouver Metro League staff team.

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